You Lying B*stards!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. File this under " Well, D'Uh! "

    Another bunch of scientists have spent public money on proving the obvious..though, I suspect, they're lying...

    From the Independent on Sunday [ which seems to delight in digging out this sh*t ]
    " Lying is an integral part of normal, everyday communication. One study from the University of Massachusetts showed that people on average told three lies in ervery ten minutes of conversation. Another research project from the University of virginia revealed that men and women lie in a fifth of their social exchanges that last ten minutes or more, while in a single week individuals deceive nearly a third of people they speak to during one-on-one conversations . "

    Seems this proves that Americans are a bunch of f*ckin' fib tellers, then again, the scientists could just be lying to get more grant money...
  2. Lies, damn lies and statistics eh?
  3. I don't believe you.
  4. Its true - ask Bliar
  5. It is well known that 46.875% of statistics are made up.
  6. Now that is a lie.

    Its 74.132% in fact.
  7. no, no its 100%...women fib all the time.....'oh this old thing dear? iv'e had it months'...i have a headache' was only a tenner in the sale'...' it wasn't MY fault he ran into the back of me'...'i dunno, it just broke'...'yes, of course i orgasmed'...'yes you are the best lover i ever had'...of course size dont matter dear'....'would i LIE to you?'
  8. Liar liar
    pants on fire