You lucky BarSteward - Youve got got £746,100,000 to spend.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Bridger, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Yes I would, they need the comfort in war torn London

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  2. No - I'd spend it on stuff we really need.

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  1. Okay... here goes... you've been plucked from obscurity and given the best part of a billion pounds to spend. Now... does it goes on MoD main building or not.

    If not please state what your unit would spend it on... and why

    (let's try to keep answers to the legally or or at least morally acceptable. Yes MDN - that includes you :) )
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    How about we start at the basics. Uniform that lasts perhaps?
  3. Correct force protection equipment for operations .......... although i suspect that will upset the bean counters and tardy knockoff kit salemen....
  4. Force Protection. Better BA, Better ECM etc.

    Better Light role vehicles (get rid of snatch and replace with a wheeled apc that beats Saxon into a cocked hat - not an equipment guru I am sure people will link suitable alternatives).

    Better accomodation for Singlies and Pads.

    And I think I broke through the One billion Barrier long ago.

    Erm - Can I have some more dosh?
  5. Proper Military hospitals? Chartered airliners to fly everyone home? The list could go on and on...
  6. You're angling for one of those chairs aren't you... :)
  7. I'd make the worlds biggest fridge magnet then smear it in muesli, then spend the rest of the budget on having the Red Arrows fly over it over and over until the money's gone.

    Of course I'd leave 79p left over for a packet of Viennese whirls..... just for me
  8. Caspian - it was £746 "million"... by my calculations you've still got the best part of £745m+ to go....
  9. Improving the basic standard of kit I think. Not enough to do anything big.
  10. Pay for a fun weekend at Alton Towers, with accom and food (it would have to be burgers and chips)thrown in for all holders of an MOD 90
  11. How about using it to pay for a study by a contractor. Any topic will do.
  12. Use it to forcibly replace all senior civil servants etc with members of Arrse?
  13. Take about £400 and give me the pay the Army owes me...
  14. You haven't seen the bell :twisted:
  15. True indeed :) Do you think the neighbours might NIMBY it?