You know you've been on tanks to long...

I used to know a helicopter pilot who used to duck his head when walking to his car
When stopping to answer a call of nature on a long car journey, you climb out of the sunroof, stand on the rear decks (aka 'boot'), and piss over the side...
When after 18 years out you can still remember useless stuff like "Rack catch plunger release catch cam" and "Nitrided manganese molybdium steel"

Why does the brain store this shit?
When you consider an adult sized babygrow, with creases sewn in, is acceptable dress for the office.
I can smell burning, and have the sneaking suspicion that your pants are aflame ?
That only happened while driving Mk1 432s


Book Reviewer
You're stuck in traffic and you find yourself looking in the wood or farmyard and parking the command vehicles over here, the Ferrets over there, the CO's Land Rover ...
Ok, that one is not from me, but:

...when you mistrust everybody who can store his main-weapon inside the company barracks.


...when you think indexing the wrong ammo type, is one of the 7 mortal sins.

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