You know youre drunk....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MEGGER_MAN, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. ...when you're the only one left on the dancefloor!
  2. When you come round and your 9 year old daughter is sat up in bed asking you why you are pissing in the corner of her wardrobe
  3. when you have to hold on when lying on the floor, in case you fall off.
  4. When you fall over landing on face and giggle at blood loss
  5. When you're laying on the bathroom floor with your head in a puddle of puke and you don't care.

    And you can't even be bothered to get up.
  6. when you get in a heated debate about what would win in a fight.. a shark or a crocodile and the discussion lasts 4 hours
  7. Ruddy nora. I could of sworn you said
    ...when love, love, love, love is all you need! :oops:
  8. you think the mingin mess sat next to you is the next mr/mrs you
    when in reality if they wore high heels they would strike oil!!!!!
  9. Are you bi?
  10. when you hit a club and
    A) think you're bopping away to bonny tylers finest ,singing it, at the top of your voice, and its RnB night.

    B)You hear that song'Whats that thing coming over the hill is it a monster' but mis hear the word monster and think its actually lobster, and then compose a dance involving the thumb and four finger doing lobster moves.
    (two examples of why £1 a vodka nights are amazing)

  11. .................when you wake up surrounded by female corpses, all skinned and with their anuses prolapsed..........and you still reach for the left-over korma.
  12. ........When you bounce in at 4 a.m. smelling of cheap perfume, slap your long term girlfriend on the arrse shouting 'your next bitch' then, from nowhere she hits you in the face with your antique bacolite phone, breaking your jaw!

    Mind you, the breaking of the jaw got me out of the goo! Was she worth it? Mmmmm!!
  13. When you wake up in bed with Dale_the_Snail.

    Not a pleasant experience at all. :pukel:
  14. When you realise that all around you are sober
  15. ...When you ask the nice Policeman to hold your chips while you finish fastening your trousers after pissing over his boots.

    (£25 fine and don't do it again... ah history)

    Nick Carter