You know youre a Squadron Armourer when...

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by spike7451, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    With thanks to JC on our trade forum,Bombheads World.

  2. Played HAS cricket
    Damaged a bowser whilst playing HAS cricket
    Answered the phone with your hand over your mouth (to get told "we know you feckers are not wearing ressies)
    Collected various gizzits from all around the world for the squadron bar
    Packed enough duty free in the empty spaces on an F16 to have a very happy weekend
    Watched the smoothest take off an F16 packed with booze has ever done
    Get upset when dragged away from a marathon game of uckers to see a kite in
    Get mistaken for security by spam aircrew (yes i know i'm carrying a big gun but i am your see off crew)
    Make said aircrew ill whilst eating cold egg banjo covered in activated charcoal
    Impaled yourself on an IFF aerial
    Have various scars on your head from impacting sticky out bits of aircraft
    Have upper frequency hearing loss
    Love doing gate guard as its a rest from real work
    Hate movers
    Have a quiet hiding place to sleep off previous nights excesses
    Spent two hours getting the wire locking just right to realise its anti-locked
    Come in on shift to realise the snag from yesterday is still there
    Its always "the other shift's" fault
    You hate "the other shift" till you're on the piss together then you hate everyone else