You know your getting old when.....

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by drain_sniffer, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. You watch "The Match" on sky 1 and can remember the "Legends" playing top flight football (yes, even Viv Anderson)

    as a side not, who is that tosser Harvy who thought he could gob off to everyone... what a knobber
  2. Yeah he was a big nob, he thinks he is a big time gangster rapper,
    Glad the legends won
  3. When you can remember the last time The Toon won a trophy.... :cry:
  4. When the people you work with look at you strange, when you mention the film "Quadraphenia" that you watched on the box last night and remember it like yesterday
  5. No one is that old WP
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ...when you're sitting HMS EXCELLENT enduring yet another lecture about damage control - and the POMEM giving the talk says
    '....As they found out in the Falklands War in 1982'

    and the uniformed bird in front of you mutters

    " I wasn't BORN then...."
  7. ...when it takes you the whole night to do what you used to do all night.
  8. When you go upstairs and forget what the F*ck you have gone up there for! :(
  9. When your partner says "lets go upstairs and make love" and you say "I cant do both"
  10. Straight to hell for your last remark Sniffer!!... Come to think of it I'm not sure I can remember when we last won a game.. Mind you that could be Gulf Syndrome rather than age... but then again...

    Back to the thread.. You know you're getting old when you're at a "Grab a Granny night and all the birds are younger than you!"
  11. When your 15 year old son beats you fair and square over 2 miles (it happened to me last weekend) although I absolutely rinsed him over the same distance this weekend.
  12. When your new clerk was born the year after you joined up....
  13. when you get a leave pass from the long-haired general, only to come home early from a night out with the singlies because you were bored! ---Scratch that. I'm not old -I'm just a sad git!
  14. When you remember watching Stoke beat Chelsea 2-1 in the league cup final at Wembley.
  15. When finding your issue puttees make you come over all nostalgic!