You know you want to vote for New Labour... (1)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. ... because of their track record on trade. Perhaps.

    Balance of Payments

    2009 Q3 - UK current account deficit remains unchanged as a percentage of GDP


    UK Trade

    Deficit widened to £3.3bn in Dec 2009


  2. Kin 'ell! Prudence Clown, my arshh. I feel so sorry for my kids because I think my generation had the best of it. Their generation is going to have to pay the price of Labour's historic three terms in office which has meant that they've had three times as long to royally screw up. :x
  3. O no we don't
  4. There's a school of thought - not sure how large, I'd imagine "not very" - which suggests that NuLab should be allowed to win this GE with a majority of <10 meaning that for the next 2 years or so they are forced to sit and take the brickbats for the state of the recessionary tsunami coming our way.

    In doing so they leave themselves wholly unelectable for generations to come...
  5. And would also ensure that this country would be left in ruins for generations to come.

    Given the structural bias in favour of Labour come he general election there isn't much cause for optomism about getting rid of them.
    Brown evidently feels the electoral system is weighted enough in his favour to win the election. He might well be right.
  6. I do hope that you're wrong, for the sake of the country if not Browns' own sanity.
  7. JHC yuo couldn't make this up, makes "Spitting Image" look like good government
  8. So do I but I'm not convinced we will see Cameron in Downing Street this year.
  9. Could it possibly be that for the last two years no-one has had any money for luxuries like cars and electrical goods which are, on the whole, imported?
    I stand by to be ragged arrseless by Baz for being an economy duffer but it's just a thought, like.
  10. Not by me. I think that looking at the current account on its own is like deciding whether a car is in good nick by looking at the state of the ashtray.

    The laziest excuse for a thread we have had on here for a while. May I suggest that if people are going to cut and paste from somewhere else - they add what they think the article / facts mean?
  11. During 2009, export of consumer goods decreased by 3.7% whilst import of consumer goods decreased by 1.4% by value.

    Also, export of cars decreased by 28.5% whilst import of cars decreased by 19.0% by value.

    So, although as consumers we're spending less, it would seem johnny foreigner is even less enamoured by UK produce than normal. :)
  12. its expensive buying British, even if you live in Britain.

    Get rid of Pa Broon, no idea why he thinks he can do Economics, recent history shows he's incompetent.

    No idea what the answer is , short of sticking up the Governments collective hands and asking the World Bank to help.

    Tangential question, Can we really afford to send money abroad to developing nations , when we could be deeper in the mire within the next 6months?

    I'm sure India loves our money for their Space programme, much as Brussels loves it to help subsidise French,Portugese and Greek farmers.
  13. Why's that?
  14. Comparable vehicles of British and lets say German Design and spec.
    Brit vehicle tends to be cheaper to buy, but costs more in upkeep, depreciates quicker and runs like its on square wheels.
    German vehicle, initially more expensive, lower running costs, less depreciation and runs like its on rails.

    Sweeping generalisation I know, but.....