You know you live in a communist dictatorship when.......

Eastern Europe prior to 1989,or somewhere closer to home........consider the following,

A government whose leader was not elected into his current position.

A country whose government consists of several members who were(and probably still are) of a communistic persuasion,or through recent disclosures find themselves in their current positions through the efforts of communist agents.

A country where there is a pre-assumption of guilt to those aspiring to work in many professions until you are cleared at your own expense by a government agency.

A country whose lawmakers hide behind secrecy legislation to hide their own corruption and fraud.

A country that criminalises those taking photographs in public places.

A country that has more CCTV surveillence of it's subjects than any other country on earth.

A country that seeks to introduce an idendity card that will enhance monitoring and surveillence of it's subjects even further.

A country that moniters every person entering and leaving the country and will retain these records indefinatly.

A country that will require details of those proposing to leave the country in advance(and in the future,pre-approval of foreign travel is mooted).

A country that has a subserviant state media organisation at it's beck and call to spin it's policies.

A country that records every text message,phone call and internet access and holds this information indefinatly.

A country that when found to be acting outside the law on the retention of DNA of innocent people,produces it's own intrepretation of the ruling,thus allowing the government to sidestep this ruling in it's entirity.

A country that has commenced appointing public servants on the basis of their subserviance to the government,rather than their competance.

A country that allows an ever growing list of faceless bureaucrats to enter your home at any time without a warrant.

A country where (increasingly politically appointed)social workers have untrammelled powers to remove it's subjects' offspring into care on dubious grounds,which cannot be challenged.

A country where petty public servants moniter what you attempt to place in your own rubbish bin and levy fines on rubbish bins placed in the 'wrong'place.

A country where you have to give reason to withdraw substansive quantities of your own money.

Which country could this be,maybe communist China,North Korea,Burma or Zimbabwe?.

Name of the country described on a postcard,please.
Vatican City?

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