You know you have drunk to much when

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nutter, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. You apply online to join the RAF and you think hey its just like the army in light blue.

    Then I briefly came to my senses and thought shit what have I just done.

    Oh christ I didnt even apply to the rock apes.
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I'd realised I'd drunk too much one night in a club at Uni - my jeans were soaking wet and I couldnt work out if I'd spilled beer down them or swamped myself.
    it was while I had my jeans down around my knees and I was trying to bend over far enough to be able to sniff them to try and decide if it was p1ss or cheap lager that a small voice said 'maybe... just *maybe* you've had enough for tonight.' I agreed and went home.
  3. No ive done somethings similar to that as well, I think it would have been preferable to have soaked my jeans rather then try to join the crabs.
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    You fall over a row of bar stools, laugh at this fact, spill beer all over yourself and get turned down by a whore that your mate tried to get you..


    You lose every drinking game on a trip to Munich, fall over repeatedly on your face in the town centre and think its hilarious (until you see your cut up grid the next day), almost get run over by a tram, then wake up in your hotel to find you have projectile vomited all over the bed, floor and your clothes during the night.

    Still, at least I didn't get a dose of the RAF.
  5. Hobble into the spare room, take your undergarments off, piss allover the computer, puke up the kebab you don't remember eating and use it as a pillow.

    The good thing is, i don't remember it happening, so it never did.
  6. and up like this
  7. Coming in drunk and mistaking your wardrobe for the bog and lash all over kit.
  8. ya know youve had too much to drink when youve p1ssed yourself in a pub or woke up in a wheely bin in someone elses bath tub :? woke up to find youve broken your toe and not remembered anything about it ...oh and if you wake up in your missus's mothers bathroom with your trousers round your ankles in a pool of your own p1ss and sick! god they loved me :D

    these are all pretty recent bar the pissing myself wich was on the day after my 18th birthday
  9. I came too in another country once, Holland
  10. I at once knew I had drunk far too much when in 1982 after the news about the Argies invasion of the Falklands Islands, that in a drunken haze of Patriotic fevour, I phone my Regimental Records Office in Glasgow to 'volunteer' my services to 'Sort them argies'.... I had been out of the mob about 4 or 5 years and was unfit, pissed and slobbering around...

    Whoops, I thought, just what have I done now.... Just as well, my 'offer of patriotism' was never taken up...... I wonder why??? 8O
  11. when your shagging your best mates mom
  12. ;
    When you have to take the 'walk of shame'. Every camp's got one...

    My experiences have been the walk from Beverley to Leconsfield

    The 15mile walk from Hull to Leconsfield

    The random walk around Colchester trying to find 13 AA and ending up in 2 Para's Gaurdroom

    A hazy walk between Limassol (I think) trying to get to Radio Sonde

    The walk from somewhere random to Disforth

    etc etc
  13. When the missus looks attractive
  14. Your mess bill arrives.
  15. When you end up being among the last 5 pers. at the party, and by far the lowest ranked, telling the base RSM "what's fcuking retarded around here" , losing your beret, and setting off on the 9 km walk back to shacks, whereupon civpol picks you up for you own safety, drops you at the gate with a recommendation that you not be charged as you're " avery polite, VERY VERY drunk " young man and should be put to bed. Not that I'd know..... but I imagine the bollocking was ferocious when I...erm...that guy ended up in front of said RSM