You know you are getting old when...

I have just bought a pair of casual leather shoes with velcro fastening :pale::omg:

Velcro. Is this what it's come to?



You know you are getting old when you start voting for the Conservatives.

No pipe for me, I don't smoke, but I will get some slippers.
Thanks for the offer, but no thanks...been there etc, my current job gives me enough scope to bash things without adding radius arms back into the mix, here is a pic of a well-used copper sledge I am trying to get replaced at my current job, getting blood out of a stone doesn't even come close, only place I have ever worked where I bring my own tools in instead of nicking theirs.
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That looks like a shit picker upper stick to me.
You know you're getting old when you couldn't vote when you were 18.

Now that I do remember. Even though they reduced it, I had to still wait until I was 21 when they brought it in from 1970. Also married when I was 19 (yeah, a child groom) and couldn't get a married quarter until the voting age came down but they brought that in straight away in 1968. Got allocated a quarter in 1969 which was a considerable saving on the 5 guineas a week I was paying for a private flat and not covered by my £3.17s.0d a week marriage allowance.

Good job the one I married was earning twice as much as me as she was a civil serpent.
I must have been old when I was 18 then, Never did trust that B Wilson and have never voted Labour.

Only god knows if you can trust Brian Wilson
When you drop something on the floor and there's an odd noise when you bend down to pick it up.
It's you making it and you don't even realise.

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