You know you are getting old when...

....a girl in her late twenties asks if you have a son when you let it be known you have a holiday home in warmer climes ,slag, whats wrong with me ?
When a young girl looks at you and breaks into a beautiful smile...........because you remind her of her dad.

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What are you now J, late 50s?
When you find yourself letching at the adverts for tights on the arrse page, God that’s sad!
When you start getting uber rides - a lot, and you avoid bus/ tube journey's.

I know I am getting old. 36 now.
You can remember a time before the Internet!
Mobile phones
Man landing on the moon
No such thing as AIDS
No trans gender
Gay was a word meaning happy
Black and white TV
The wireless announcer saying "This is the BBC"
Cars being really quite rare
Same as a phone in your house
Outside toilets
Second hand furniture
Weddings in a church or registry office in UK only
Honeymoon in UK
Rice was a pudding only
Pasta was foreign food
Curry was for them Indians that ran the corner shop
You respected the police
Teachers were not afraid of your parents visiting the school when you got a bad report card
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