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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Santa_Sunday, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. As a member of the Corps for more years than I care to remember and having got to just about as far as I can go in the process, I have to say that the current trend for 'Whining, 'Bleating', '******* General Dripping', 'Big Timing'..... et al Is worse now that at anytime I can remember - be it in barracks or via this website. The majority of that 'Small-time, Big-man' attitude is displayed by those recruited from the 'Play Station' society (ie up to about 8-9 years ago), but it is by no means unique to them. There are more than enough SNCOs who are clearly not good enough, be it as soldiers or tradesmen, and enjoy nothing more than making promises to their ‘Toms’ that they never indeed to keep whilst sucking off the RSM/SSM.

    There is a general malaise throughout the Corps at the moment due to this problem. Soldiers need to be gripped now and again, even if they don’t need it…!! It keeps them on their toes. Too many SNCOs are scared of grasping the nettle and too many big-timing ******* with 18 months in think they can pick and choose what duties they should be carrying out, when and when not to go on ops/exercise etc. Their usual mantra is that “If they put me on guard on Friday, I’m going straight to the Badge to ******* let him know “- Only they don’t, because in the best traditions of the barrack room lawyer, they are full of piss and wind and, ultimately, cowards.

    The link about shirts in Kabul sums it up perfectly. I can’t be arrsed to go over it again. It is clear from reading that thread that the majority ‘crying’ about having to have their shirts tucked in are red-arrsed twats working in a nice comfy camp – happy to bang on about it on here but too shitless to approach their Troop Staffy. If that is the level of your gripe on a 6 month tour, then god help us all. Other cap badges must have read that thread (and many like it) and laughed their bollocks off. Me..?? It just makes me cringe.

    Get on with. Accept you’re soldiers (in the loosest possible terms for some) and that sometimes it won’t always go your way. Accept that in this profession now and again you will be tired/cold/hot/hungry/bored/scared/homesick/frustrated/annoyed……………..
    If you can’t, Netto and Lidl are crying out for shelf-stackers.
    Just let’s get the ******* job done without sounding like the RAF or a bunch of prepubescent cadets.

    ‘Certa Cito’ ? Don’t make me laugh
  2. A bit frustrated and pee'd off S_S?? Can't fault your sentiments though!

    Don't forget that since time in memorial Joe Squaddie has dripped about anything and everything, when they stop may be the time to really worry. That said, the quality of the whinge seems to have dropped in recent years! Used to be that some of the gripes were worth listening to and acting upon, nowadays it seems to be the search for an easy life.
  3. right iv took the bait

    big timing, introducing your self as old and bold is big timing. you can be 22 years in and useless. being in for a long time shows you have dedication to the job, not how good you are. but im not naive, by the 22yr point you must have learned a few tricks and seen a few things. im just saying its not a test and is not a scoring system.

    the shirt thread, medical advice boards produced by the lovely people who produce all the amazing posters around theatre, suggests that clothes should be worn loose fitting allowing the air to circulate. so why directly disobey them in a vein attempt to look smarter? you are disobeying very good advice. it isnt practical. the inhabitants of hot countries around the world wear loose fitting clothes. even when they are sat on thier arse doing nothing. it is taken from thier example and common sense. the thread was about shirts, my input was about shirts yes. it is minor compared to the bigger army picture and do not think i dont know that.

    as for picking and choosing which duties i follow, i am a good soldier and follow my orders correctly even if i dont like them but i am sure as you know that soldiers across the years have complained about orders that they dont like but follow them anyway. if you have never shimfed about something you are a liar.

    so the playstation generation apart, does anyone else across the corps whine? im sure they do. ableit in the mess or in the pads tucked up away from the lesser mortals. iv heard them do it infront of the lower ranks.

    and ask the other corps and arms if you will. the ones who they laugh at is the royal signals for having seniors spreading bullshit around when not needed. ask the guy painting the kerbstones corps colours in the apod. or making the sand a more pleasant shade of yellow. im sure there is at least one bod doing it at this very minute. his crime, he doesnt need one because throbbers are gripping them for no reason. (whilst the people who do real crimes get away with murder) im sure the less disciplined of siggys out there thinks "why bother behaving myself if im gonna get bounced anyway. i might aswell go out in style!" so he gets smashed and wrecks the joint.

    let me just say that it isnt coming from a personal view point, my discipline record is exemplorary. only ever had 3 show parades one was as a result of a very angry warrant officer saying my peltor ear defence were not cushoned enough for his ear defence inspection. i took it on the chin. but boy did i laugh about it in the block. the infanteer ord sgt who was on the show parade told me to get myself away and he didnt understand why our seniors acted that way towards thier own boys. muttered agreements from the other lads behind me picked up for having thier name blazened across the inside of thier ear defence and getting show paraded for it.

    what do you think of that sir, fair treatment for a model army? i shimf, never to my seniors unless it is truly constructive or i dont understand. and usually they will set me straight with a text book answer or with agreement saying "its bone but you just gotta do it" which i can accept. you were insighting that i was a whinging malingerer who does nothing but chops off "too shitless to approach my troop staffy" definately not. but i will not bother him with minor details or general moaning because i know ill get fuctoff at high port.

    yours with love

  4. Santa_Sunday: Its not just your Corps mate. Its like this in the rest of the Army. Thank feck I'm out in a years time!
  5. Really, what planet are you living on. Look at the other threads on this site and compare it to this one, how many others go on about not having shirts tucked in, having to march, having to salute officers ...... I think you'll find thats a flat zero. The ill discipline/laziness etc that comes from this forum does not show the Corps in a good light, its very embarrasing at times and I think you'll find other arms laughing at our corps as a whole.

    In fact if you want grown up adult posts about the signals then try logging onto other forums.
  6. Actually although i agree there is to much whinging and dripping goes on here easy one does have a point i remember a few years back competing in a sports comp and the R Sigs team being treated as total outcasts.

    When i confronted people about this the answer almost to a man was because we hate you lot because you ruin op tours with b*llshit or words to that effect.
  7. whoa whoa whoa sweet child of mine!

    the thread which started it all off was one about shirts. everyone is making out i have a shirt hard-on, it was the topic at hand so i commented on it. the way everyone is going on, its as if im giving all my officers the finger and gobbing off about shirts all day. trust me i have better things to do

    discipline is a good thing you seniors who are rising to it are missing the point, (you know who you are too) you are picking on the wrong man, i love drill and i love the discipline, i love seeing gobby birds getting beasted i love seeing people who take it too far get thier just desserts. people who bring the corps into disrepute.
    which is why when you are getting people in positions of power giving out orders that go against every single bit of common sense out there it touches a nerve. granted in the real world (not on arrse) most sensible people just shut up and soldier. but YOU and i use arrse as a tool to air all the things wrong with the world, just like you did when you were in the block no doubt.

    the proof is in the pudding, smooj has noticed it, as have a fair few other people. the only people who are blind to it are yourselves. too busy thinking about the next pointless task no doubt. ask around next time you are on tour, ill bet at least 75% of other arms tell the truth.

    and as for going off on one about marching and saluting, get real. please. that is really petty and immature
    i never brought that up and if it did come up as a topic on here i would expect it (and help it) get bitched back to where it belongs, in the arrsehole
  8. Brings back memories, first time I met a switch bitch (I transferred in from Inf) and we argued about whether my polished boots were polished or not (not taken the excess off as I was in the field). :lol: :lol: Gawd I must have got used to the bullshit
  9. EWK,

    A couple of points if I may:

    I never claimed that my long service made me better than you or anyone else for that matter - it just means that I am in position to compare 'now' and 'then'.

    The shirt thread is just an example of the type of whining that I am on about. As I said, I can't be arsed to go over it all again, but the whole tone of the thread makes us sound like whinging little boys. That thread could be about anything really, it's just another load of bleating soldiers.

    I clearly said that whilst the majority of the dripping goes on by the 'play station' society, it is by no means unique to them. De facto, it is prevalent across all ranks and lengths of service.

    You do appear to have taken the bait. It wasn't aimed at you and so you have no reason to defend or justify yourself - Just don't try and tell me that this problem is not far worse than it used to be - because it is, FACT.

    When you deliver watered-down training to soft recruits from a selfish, intolerant society, what do you expect...?? You reap what you sow.

  10. my old badge went through a spell of bouncing anyone that had cut the sleeves off shirts and sewn the turn ups as it was "destruction of army property" although it looked smarter than rolling up the sleeves. Even stopped guys from wearing non issue boots on excercise (dms days not assault) which in germany in winter is a kick in the nuts.

    Bullshit is and always will be there that's why god invented BEER and fat birds
  11. Once again somebody is fed up of all the complaining going on and decides to start a thread complaining about it. Do we really have to go through this every 4 months. Squaddies whinge it's a simple fact. However i'm currently in a non signals unit and have noticed a considerable difference in the level of bullsh*t. This website has provided an alternative output for whinges that have been going on. You might be shocked to know that the lads on the ground will complain about doing something that they dont like doing, that however doesnt mean that they are going to do it. If you have a young soldier who is able to (as santa_sunday said) pick and choose his duties then it is the fault of the SNCO for letting him get away with this attitude.

    Oh and yeah

    That was his point.
  12. S_S The 'Playstation generation' (I'm from the raleigh burner generation) is here to stay and will in the next few years become the majority in the army. This generation needs to be managed differently as it WILL question decisions it considers pointless. 'Stop winging and get on with it!!!' my have been a valid reason for you to do something futile but it isn't for me and many of my peers. However I will, and do get on with it and am entitled to moan about it afterwards.
  13. EWK, I take it that you are a Junior, as you seem to bang on about shite seniors. When I was a Junior (many moons ago) I had a tech Sgt who was my boss. He was without a shoadow of doubt the most useless piece of baggage that has ever drawn military pay, and funnily enough he was Santa Sundays troopie at his previous unit. I watched him and looked at the way he cut about. And I decided to have him as an inverse role model, so when I was promoted, I'd do exactly the opposite that he would have done. You, sunshine are the future of the Corps and you will find that as you climb the rank structure, your perception of things change. Things that you thought were important as a JNCO will actually turn out to be trivia.

    Oh, and RTFM, you wouldn't have been talking about 16 Sigs in the mid 90's by any chance would you?????
  14. With a few (23 ) years in the R. Sigs this is why the younger serving know some of the older are tw*ts.

    To quote Santa_Sunday

    Well done tw*t.

    Lets put the Sigs back to 1970 type leadership- Oh your there already.
  15. Ha Ha..... You called me twat. How eloquent of you...?? Is that your sole contribution..??

    You missed the point completely. The comment gripping soldiers even if they don’t need it is called irony (that's why it was in italics) and clearly lost on you.... The point is we ALL have to do things we don't like in this job and if the perception is that it is a feck around, tough. Soldiers have been and will always be asked (dare I even say told) to do things that they don't like or disagree with. Don't like it...?? KwikSave awaits.

    You sound like you have had a very successful 23 years - mainly stagging on I would guess.