You know when you've been Tango'd!

Helluva way to get free morphine! With any luck he'll OD.

It seems his dear old mum is of the opinion that although he's been arrested hundreds of times, and on this occassion was fighting in the streets, he didn't deserve spraying.
I wonder if she'd have been happier if plod had stoved his loaf in with a hickory baton.
I must remember the old "I'm allergic to the spray officer, please just handcuff me, while I continue to windmill wildly at your head and face" the next time I'm a bit's bound to work...
I feel sorry for him, i have tears rolling down my cheeks........oh no that was him.
I wonder if he's allergic to 7.62?

Only one way to find out.
Leigh Park?......don't waste CS on that shithole.....nuke the place!.....:thumright:
At least the copper was thorough , I admire his application technique he didn't miss a spot . Well done that man /woman . If he gets compo i will be writing a very stern letter . Notice to OP keeps us all informed .

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If the copper gets fired, you could always employ him to paint your house.


3rd time he's had CS used on him? What a fucking mong! We've all had fights, we've all been naughty and we could all have been sprayed/tazered once. But to get burnt to fuck once and then it happen another two times, the fucking dullard. He should have been on his toes the second he saw Babalon. Or being the fat knacker that he is, at least been on the deck screaming for mercy BEFORE the spray came out.


I love those lockup raw documentaries. There's a big culture of scribbling on your face in US supermax 30 years without parole? Right, I'll get scribbling. They just don't seem to understand that one day, they'll be out looking like that. Frightening little old ladies and thinking they can't get a job because of having been in prison.

I like the people who say 'you'll look stupid with that when you're old' - To them I say I'll look stupid when I'm old anyway, so it's no difference. I'm getting some new ink on Wednesday. SPQR on my bicep. I've been working on a centurion's bicep for the last few months, so now it's time to get a centurion's tattoo for it :)

Joshua Slocum

lovely job
it improves him no end ?
what does he want sympathy ?
they should have tazered him as well

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