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The Marketing Director resigns

British Army loses marketing director Mark Bainbridge
by Matt Williams Campaign 08-Aug-08, 16:55

LONDON - Mark Bainbridge, the marketing and communications director of the British Army, has left his role after nine years.

He announced the decision to leave on his website blog, stating that "now is the right time to move on".

Bainbridge took the role of marketing director in May 1999, and implemented a programme to overhaul the Army's public-facing business plan.

He played a major part in introducing ‘Camouflage', a campaign that targets possible army candidates before they leave high school at the age of 16, and co-ordinated the rebranding project following the merger of regular and territorial army recruiting processes.

Bainbridge admitted that the decision to resign was a difficult one, saying: "For the best part of a decade I have enjoyed working for the Army...This is not a decision that I have taken lightly."

He will now take a month off before announcing his new career path in September.
You can hardly blame him for moving on, amazed that Bainbridge has stayed at the helm for so long, given the increasing difficulty of countering a hungry media. I suppose prospective employers who would gain the most leverage from his "silk purse out of pig's ear" skills, would include, erm... The Defence Industry. I doubt there is too much danger of him suffering financially. Credit where credit is due, some of his campaigns have been very effective.

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