You know how...

#1 used to be a truism that habits that started t'other side of the pond would catch on over here. Much accelerated these days of course.

The same has also been true of the Fatherland.

Seems the Gypsies are revolting.

To Germans, “gypsy sauce” is a sticky, tomato and pepper sauce, with or without onions. But for the Hannover branch of cultural organisation the Forum for Sinti and Roma, the name is offensive.

The term “Zigeuner”, or gypsy, is loaded with negative connotations, said lawyer Kerstin Rauls-Ndiaye, who works at the law firm which has sent a letter to five major food manufacturers asking them to change the name
Gypsy sauce is offensive.
That's smashing news.
Just change the name to Pikey pickle sauce.
Job done and everyone happy.
Bet it tastes great on a hedgehog :thumright:
Did the Germans put the sauce on before or after the oven stage?
Secret recipe for Zigeuner sauce:

First, steal two onions..............
Just call it thieving gypsy bastard sauce.

Nothing offensive in that i feel & on the nail in terms of correct description of the verminous scum.

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If I was one of them in Germany I'd keep my head down.
What about 'leave human excrement on playing fields, rubbish, thieving cunt sauce'.
Following on from other countries naming sauces after regions: Bolognese, Provence, etc; howzabout Sauce Sachsenhausen.


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It's been called Zigeunersaus in the Netherlands for as long as I can remember and only now they start complaining? Have they finally learned how to read and write? They better be proud of it because it is possibly the only thing they ever came up by themselves and not nicked it.
Uncle Addy had such great plans with them....*sigh*