You know how the joke goes...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MajorAmerica, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. "The British army is the best in the world."

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Even Poland, the country brutalized more often than Kate Middleton's pussy, showed more sack than your boys
    in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your conventional forces are the private joke of NATO. We think even the Red Cross deployed more choppers than
    your army.

    Mules led by donkeys. Your enlisted are moonfaced fools and your officers are empty headed dickwads who like to talk "pretentious bollocks".

    A sad rabble shuffling to and fro stinking of defeat. After we took over in Helmand, you saw what our soldier-athletes could do in weeks what you
    wobbly-necked layabouts could not in years. And let's not talk about Iraq.

    Just so you really know,

    A Major
    US Army
  2. Your ARRSE horoscope;
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  3. Note that it resembles a penis. This is not a coincidence.
  4. From what I heard, you yanks messed up everything in Helmand . 18 yank soldiers killed in Somalia by a rabble with poor weaponry and tactics and the US leaves with its tail between its legs. One car bomb in Beirut and the US leaves with its tail between its legs. Vietnam, US tactics lose the war against an enemy with poor weaponry and the US leaves with its tail between its legs. Iraq, well, despite claims that the US won its war there, it still goes on. Afghanistan, US tactics are losing it the war there as well. Lets not mention the fact that yanks aren't well known for not shooting friendly forces including their own.

    Anyway, all I have to ask you is when did the US actually win a war on its own? You couldn't even win your revolutionary war without involving the French.
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  5. Troll

    to the Hole!!
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Fixed that for ya.

    You utter utter fucking wank stain.
  8. Now Now, play nicely with the fuckwit, it is after all only a week until Happy Skyscraper Day and the septics are feeling all pumped up and pissy bless them, Historical references only confuse the poor lambs so lets all give them a supersize hug so there are no tears before bedtime
  9. It isn't an American anything, much less an American Major. Look at the wording of its drivel and it seems much more likely it's a British child that thinks it is being clever by using big words. Bless
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  10. No! Trash the troll.

    I am septic and no one is pumped up about 9/11. No one is upset about anything other than the economy going down the shitter, no jobs, real estate values tanking and The Chosen One screwing up everybody's health care plans. If you are female and attractive I would accept a big hug though.
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  11. In the last 200 years there has only been one war won against terrorists, and that was the war in the Malay Peninsula, and it was British, Australian and New Zealand forces, together with the British trained Malay forces, that defeated those terrorists, no terrorists beaten before that and none since.
  12. Don't forget that the Tamil Tigers were beaten recently as well.