You kinobber.What would you expect after mummy house has been done this week

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fdj12, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. In all fairness, you would expect Plod to recognise one of the more "senior" members of the Royal Family on sight, especially as they would have been told he was there........
  2. What time of day was it? What was the visibility and light like? If dark then probably quite difficult to identify.

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  3. Oops - expect some heads to roll over this one! I'm no fan of "air miles Andy", but this smacks of the Police over compensating for the more serious security breach a few days earlier.
    This is the Buck Palace equivalent of the barrier sentry stopping a visiting General and asking for his ID card!
  4. What happened to shoot first & ask questions later?
    Times have changed!
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  5. All said and done he is still a bit of a knob expecting an apology from Old Bill for an honest error!!

    Security was bound to be tighter given the incident earlier in the week.

    Why the hell are we even hearing about this? Old Bill wouldn't have leaked it?

    Was the Grand Old Duke trying to force and apology out of them? Certainly sounds like it..

    In which case he is a double knobber.........
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  6. At what point is this in anybodys interest? Plod and Randy are being stupid either by over reacting to previous events in the week or making a drama out of a nothing. Why has this been reported? In whos interest is this now in the media? Stinks of a non news day and "space" having to be filled on the 24hr live news feed. Pointless, stupid and pathetic!
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  7. "I'm sorry HRH, I didn't recognize you without the private helicopter and golf clubs"
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  8. And then dropping the sentry in the shit for failing to challenge.
    Seen it happen enough times with senior RN.
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  9. My money is on the police leaking it. Some poor ****er being put out to hang and dry and the senior bod being seen to 'manage' it. I'm probably wrong but I have never heard of a royal questioning or compromisising their protection before.
    Andy was however widely regarded as a cock during his time in the RN however. I never served under him or with him but know many who did.
  10. Yeah but with the fiery red lady garden she's got on her? Who could resist
  11. Facial recognition isn't enough. Security passes should be shown. I'm just laughing at what a prat he's made of himself by expecting such a public apology.

    The Queen was at the Highland Games anyway. So it was the equivalent of an, 'empty'. Stopping at his old mam's house when she's away just about says it all.
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  12. Something you are, something you've got, something you know
  13. Unless there was a super tanker cruising through the Gardens it shouldn't have been hard to ID the 'Big Lad'.
  14. He has an apartment and offices at Buck House. The equivalent of you stopping at the flat you rent, which happens to be in a block of flats your mum owns.

    Playing devil's advocate, I can't see anything in that report, or any where else, that says the DoY expected an apology.
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