You just couldnt make it up...!

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by heard_it_all_before, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. For a Government that has wasted 13 years trying to force youngsters to go to University, which in doing so has just completely undermined the value and status of such establishments, this latest "Arrse doesn't know what the elbow is doing" scenario just highlights that it's way past the time for them to Exit-Stage-Left and fcuk off back to the sink estates where they came from and let someone else put another decade into rebuilding what they have destroyed.

    I mean, where on earth do they expect 50% of the school and college leaving students to live if it isn't near to Universities...!
  2. None of this seemed to bother the Council in Eastbourne when I had to pay £1500 to register my two student houses,plus the fees for further "inspection and advice"
  3. Another sop to the modern middle class swing-voter. Can't have house prices lowered by hordes of the Great Unwashed, can we? Not this close to an election.
  4. Many of our friends own property in student rich neighbourhoods of Bath. They don't live there of course, they let them out to students. Most of the houses have four bedrooms - adding an extra rent payer to the mix. I'm not saying these people are bloody Rachmanite landlords but they are milking the student population systematically.

    So there vote may well not be swung into Gordon's catch-net by this measure. I doubt they will be alone amongst those letting to students. Isn't ghetto non-PC these days by the way??
  5. Not if white people are living in it?
  6. problem in brighton epsecially museli mountain with tristum and co thinking dj decks and terrace housing go together.
    being the rough end we get international students who mostly raise the tone of the place. :D
    those that do kick off are liable to get there heads kicked in :evil:
  7. I know of areas that are ghettoes not because of the students, but despite the students (and the uni's) attempts to keep the area pleasant. Try the area around Bradford Uni. It was alright in the mid-nineties, but I wouldn't live there now- I'd be the ethnic minority and you're made to feel it around there!
  8. It not the number or concentration of students that is usually the problem, it's the landlords who do feck all maintainence on their properties and so drag the whole area down that are unsually the problem. Some of these people cut every corner in the book to save a few quid - I had a plumber in my house a couple of days ago who told me he'd just lost a load of work because he wouldn't provide fake invoices for tax fiddling purposes to a student landlord.
  9. Brilliant idea Gordo, make my commute into uni longer. There are bound to be "student areas" in large university towns cities...the three universities in Leeds combined total of students is 70,000+. Of course people are going to want to live near their mates.

    The alternative is driving between friends houses...fcuk you "Drive 5 miles less per week" advert.

  10. Course you did…

    And you immidiatley reported this plumber to HMRC so they could do a quick check and find out who this naughty landlord was.


    Thought not.
  11. Poor SF, out of his depth with the grown-ups again.

    Yes genius, because either I or the plumber could have proved the conversation he had with the landlord took place, and said plumber would so hand over details of a client he didn't do work for to a stranger like myself. :roll:

    For the record I told him to complain, but I don't feel like submitting a perfectly nice person to the wrath of HMRC against his will.

    Unless you were there when the plumber had the conversation of course - or were you busy with your work in the field of international political revolutions? :rofl:

  12. In other words, you made the 'incident' up to score a spin point in the topic.
  13. You must have major learning difficulties to have reached that conclusion from reading what I wrote. Now do you have any meaningful comments to make on the topic, or are you going to spin this thread into a 'Look at me, I'm SF' conversation? Yet again.
  14. "…Tax fraud is a crime and everyone loses out because of it. It means there is less to spend on the National Health Service, schools, pensions and many other important services. The government is committed to tackling tax fraud, and much of this work relies on information gathered from members of the public.…"

    Surely you as an arch supporter of Labour don't want to deprive the NHS, pensioners and school children!

    Don't condone tax fraud! Do it for the children! Gordon will be proud of you!