You just can't go back........

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BedIn, Nov 24, 2002.

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  1. Last year a mate of mine who was doing training major at an OTC asked if I would do a presentation to his bunch on summer camp.  It was near where I was doing an instructors job and it would be a favour to him.

    With thoughts of pert young things hanging on my every word I set about not only jacking up a lecture, but the next day getting them along to watch stuff on the range being fired/directed  by our course students.

    I arrived the night before to lecture, in my very wary-est kit.  The OCdts were utterly baffled.  I was once OTC, but had forgotten how little I knew.  The lecture on my weapon system confused them because it wasn't a rifle and it was organised other than at rifle Section level. To be honest, they were utterly disinterested.

    We then ajourned to the bar and it dawned on me some of them were 11 years younger than me.  To them I was some sort of grown up.  They had f*ck all to talk about and were much more interested in shagging each other than me.

    The next day they turned up late and missed the demo because a) they had got pissed and b) they got lost on the way.

    My time in OTC was some of the best in my life.  But mark my words.....You can't go back.
  2. oh sh*t. Don't tell me that. It's all that's keeping me going... :-[