You heard it First Osborn for the Chop

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Robbeaus, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. OK it was a close run thing as to give this matter the Gravitas it deserves or Put in the Int Cell?

    There will be many Arrsers out there who will by now labelling me as Red Rob. Quite an Honour I think, Red Ken, Red Robbo and now Red Rob. They say fame comes to those who deserve it. And as I am about the only Arrser who wasn't sucked in to the Cult of Daves mates rates, Slaves for Hire, and Rover. I think it only just and appropriate that I draw the Arrsers attention to the News that the Cocaine Snorting, Threepenny bit sucking, Swazer Hooker ******* useless bag 'O' shite that is Rover the one and only performing Muppet, Osborn, is being lined up for the chop. On account as he is a pile of shite chancellor who makes Gordon Brown look intelligent and that the Last Labour Administration was actually run with more veracity in GB's little toe than Shit for Berliners whole ancestral history. Moreover Call me Daves Mates rates Slave Emporium was a bit pissed off that Rover was baffled by a calculator, and would often be seen with his socks and shoes off in order to make sure 1+1 did = 2 [Not that Rover ever got it, the Ginge Lib Dem Nonse did all the adding up]

    The Story as predicted by myself is currently being run in The Mail on Sunday []

    So for all you Arrsers who don't get it that we are not all in it together and that Shit 'O' Brains was actually running the Chancellorship as though it was the tuck shop he once ran into the either. Given that the fiscal deficit of said tuck shop, was greater than the combined wealth of 234 African countries [Rover figures].

    Of course what that leaves to be answered is Just why did Daves Mates Rates Slaves Emporium, not heed the word of said venerable Arrser and appoint Rover in the first place? This my chums in time will become a greater mystery than the Mary Celeste, although to be truthful the Mystery of the MC isn't really a mystery as there are several possible explanations for the ship sailing on empty. What there will never be is the answer to why the Cocaine Snorting, Threepenny bit sucking, Swazer Hooker ******* useless bag 'O' shite that is Rover the one and only performing Muppet, Osborn, was ever considered nothing more than a second hand wall paper salesman.

    BTW for all those students of History, there is a cracking Photo of said Cocaine Snorting, Threepenny bit sucking, Swazer Hooker ******* useless bag 'O' shite that is Rover the one and only performing Muppet, Osborn, in today's Mail. Of course looking at the photo and studying the names of those who made up the Burlington Club [Yes my chums it is a new picture of those depraved Nonces the Burlington Boys], you have to wonder just why did nanny let them out of the house dressed like that?

    So justifiable abuse and comments appreciated, but lets never forget who told you, predicted, read the cards first?
  2. Red Rob (;-))
    I hope, with your intensive legal training, you have verified that your descriptions of the gentlemen to whom you refer are accurate?
  3. Would this be Ozzie Osborn, or the Chancellor, George Osborne?

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  4. He misheard. It's Red KNOB.
  5. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    It's alright for you lot but I've given up trying to work out what the OP is on about. Methinks I'll find something more interesting to do/read.
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  6. Who would you prefer as Chancellor then? The best the Lib Dems could do is Vince Cable but considering he's managed to piss off the entire Conservative party by being such a self righteous tedious old twat he's never going to get it. Let me guess you'd like Ed Balls in No.11 even though he was there tonguing Gordon Brown's arse as he shat on the UK economy and fucked it for generations to come, so clearly a tower of integrity and defender of the people.
  7. The Op is smashed out of his brains . The link goes nowhere ? Chancellor getting sacked then ?
  8. Has anyone managed to decipher what the **** the OP is talking about?

    Or why he's been allowed anywhere near a keyboard in that state?
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  9. He's just finished his first bottle of Cillit Bang and he's feeling a little dizzy.
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  10. Anyone else noticed the price of spam has reduced slightly?
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  11. The genuine Argentinian stuff, or the bootleg Brazilian?
  12. I'm heartened by the idea of his beaming face and illusions of grandeur (even imagining the nickname the ARRSE community would bestow upon him) as he typed that smug yet incoherent waffle.
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  13. The ones in the blue tins.
  14. Dear Robbeaus,

    I am but a simple Englishman, whilst I appreciate that we all have our own views and politics, and arguing about them is mostly amusing, and even sometimes educational, I would ask a favour; please stop using the undoubtedly witty nicknames for those you dislike. The reason being, I can't tell who the hell you're talking about half the time, and where the nickname stops and the sentence restarts.

    I believe you are serving/served but did you never do a course that mentions clarity, or passage of information? Please repost in English, that I may understand what you're on about, and possibly reply. Higgs Bosun and I disagree on much about life, but at least I know what he's talking about, and have sometimes changed my opinions as a result.

    Yours soberly
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  15. On the basis that you do not appear to understand the difference between "ether" and "either", I value your whole prediction with the same weight as that of Nostradamus.

    You cock.
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