You have to give me one reason

Scenario: Thinking of the slow decay setting into the REME, give me one reason for joining our gang.

(REME not Army)

I've been trying to think of one to pass onto my nephew but I am struggling. A few years back I would have said the dosh but that is totally not true any help appreciated :)

Reasons to join the REME are.........
biffchit said:
This is getting worrying. 16 views and still no good reason to join our Corps.

I got stopped in uniform at a local shop the other day by a 16yr old who wanted to join REME. I found it incredibly hard to stay positive and encourage him! :(
Go along the lines of, " you see those hard bastards on the news driving around in all those sexy motors ? we used to keep them motors on the road, now we arrange for a contractor to do the all the work because we are too busy sorting out H&S and competances".......
how about think of the dumb cnuts in your year at school while there stagging on there gun/tank/plt
your in your pit untill one of fore mentioned cnuts breaks something well happens on exercise. on camp they play playstation we work our arses off either at trade h&s or trying to find them cnuts to do crew jobs am i bitter never i love seeing smaller weaker people lifting heavy stuff while i drink my brew especially birds trying to lift batteries hahahah
was in that situation myself recently ,except it was with my son , he has since joined the navy as a weapons technician , went to his pass out last friday and he now starts his submariners course on monday. if you cant give your own flesh and blood a good reason to join the corps then you know we are in trouble , which is a great pity as i have actually enjoyed my time, but things are deffinitly changing for the worse.
It's quite a cool looking little capbadge?
Yep, had a long hard think about this one, even checked out the REME site for inspiration - after 18 years in REME and extreemly proud of the Corps, sadly I cannot find much to encourage anybody to join REME anymore without lying through my teeth. I can however, think of plenty of other reasons to join other Corps.
We've got a cracking bar and slack dress rules at the army navy match, thats about all i could say on the subject!!

Oh yeh and the craic ain't bad either.
Lairdx said:
It's quite a cool looking little capbadge?
And never more appropriate, perfectly mirroring this weeks REME electric horse dropping a global sized bollo*k. :(
Join? For no other deluded idea that maybe you will fix things, sometimes, the rest of the stuff that comes with the Job (Service) you can get in any other Corps and or Arm. So that doesn't really answer the question. Most of the people I have known in the Corps who are enjoying themselves are usually doing something different and not with the Corps. Does that apply to everyone? After a while who get fed up of the same old same old? Thing about REME at the moment it doesn't take long to get fed up, with all the bureacracy and over the top **** doctrine. Long live the Corps, just not with me in it anymore.
Have to agree with most of the sentiments expressed here ...Having spent 16 yrs in thé Corps & another 12 working for it as a civvie I can truthfully say it's well on it's way to hell in that handcart and all in the name of jobs for the boys civvie street .Anybody got any stats on how many companies with contracts to supply the army have Ex REME Officers on the payroll ...???

My nephew
recently joined up having binned Uni (idiot boy !!) and I just couldn't recommend joining the Corps to him he's now with the INT CORPS !!

Sad days !!
None its dog toffee. My cousin wanted to join up at sixteen last year and i persuaded him not to. He's now doing A-levels and thinking of other things.
I tell you what, this thread is perfectly suited to someone from DEME(A) joining in and telling us all EXACTLY why people should join our Corps.....over to you Arborfield!!
For my pennies worth, we are the only Corps/Regt to have our own Adv Trg lodge......oh damn, its closed for the summer!!
I used to love my life in REME. Now there is to much paperwork on covering our arse that we cant get any work done and then to top it all of ECI teams come in, which is a collection of people from other units who failed there ECI trying to dig up dirt on you so that they can feel good when you fail so they are not the only failures.

Been on both ends of that and yeah there are a lot of comments like "well my unit got picked up for this why shouldn’t they" even though when their unit did get picked up for it they fought it.

You bust a gut now to support your unit, overtime when the Sqn early knocks, etc etc... Then the OC of the Unit @ evaluation shows his/her appreciation by writing "So what have you done for the benefit of the Sqn this year" hah fcuking what??

I will not recommend our corp. anymore a few years back year but now, no way.

Bit of a rant, but hey I think the corp. needs to get back to what it’s designed for and that is fixing broke stuff and not making umbrellas.
Whilst most of you have made some salient points I am left with the feeling that we're 'giving up' on our own corps. Yes times have changed and the purse strings are forever tightening however the fundemental reason for us exsisting is to fix the kit. The top 10% will only remain the top if we continue to have pride in what we do, no matter what the situation and definetly no matter whom we're attached to at the time. I personally think that the middle management is to blame, (I'm one of them). We don't drive the 'pups' hard enough and instill enough pride in who they are and what they do, (I personally had it beaten into me in my day.......ah memories).

I'm not DEME(A) staff, (not clever enough), but I'm proud to be in the top 10% of the best damned Army in the world. Anyway now that is off my chest.........
sirbobbymoore1966 said:
I tell you what, this thread is perfectly suited to someone from DEME(A) joining in and telling us all EXACTLY why people should join our Corps.....over to you Arborfield!!
For my pennies worth, we are the only Corps/Regt to have our own Adv Trg lodge......oh damn, its closed for the summer!!
No you are not!

RA have one for a start....and it's open year 'round. :D (when it's booked of course)
here's a couple of reasons (in my opinion):

1. The guys joining now know no different and are not clinging to the past (with the greatest respect).
2. The REME have great camaraderie
3. You can fix your own car when it goes bang
4. The REME always get on well with the sloppos and usually get extra scoff on ops and exercise.
5. Wages are relatively good
6. Trade skills
6. H&S is there for everyones benefit, it's just that some of us old farts take a bit of time getting used to it.

All said and done it's a cracking corps thats well respected.
Come on, if this doesn't seal the deal then nothing will........:lol:


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