You have big balls Mr. Egeland

UN envoy sees Uganda rebel chief

UN humanitarian chief Jan Egeland has held an unprecedented meeting with Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony.
The meeting is part of moves to boost peace talks aimed at ending the Lord's Resistance Army's 20-year insurgency.

The 10-minute meeting with Mr Kony - who is wanted for alleged war crimes during the conflict - took place at a remote camp on the south Sudan border.

Mr Egeland had said it would only go ahead if rebels agreed to free abducted children, but this did not happen.

He has described the war as the world's most neglected humanitarian crisis.

Accompanied by senior Sudan officials, Mr Egeland went to a camp in the south early on Sunday where fighters belonging to the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) are gathered.

Wonder why they used the word 'alleged' to describe Kony? Still , Egeland is a geezer and doesn't mind who he upsets to get the job done.

Why haven't they made him UN boss?

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