Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by dennis10, May 23, 2009.

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  1. "We need an army of ex-smackheads and ex-criminals, but no ex-eczema sufferers."
    As you may have worked out I am rather pissed off with the requirements to join the army. You could have done drugs and get in (not me). You could have been a criminal and get in (not me) but if you have had eczema (like me) you are not allowed. Fair enough if you have had to go to the hospital for it, but I have had a mild(ish) eczema which is cleared up now.
    So, after 5 months consisting of application forms and paper work, waiting, a barb test, a GP medical, waiting, another GP medical, training and more waiting, my boyhood dream of joining the army has been crushed by eczema (for 3 years atleast).

    Has anyone in my situation been successful in appealing?

    PS Their pretty picky for an overstreched and undermanned Army.
  2. Sorry to hear that, I think I will be in your situation soon, can you elaborate on your eczema, how often did you have it? were? what treatment did you undergo?. I believe there is lots of cases of people appealing, with mixed success, search the boards mate.
  3. When was your excema?
  4. Get a fucking grip and fuckoff you cock.
  5. I had it on my legs and a little bit on my arm. I was given epaderm emoilient and a cream by the doctor and I haven't had to use it again since. I had it for quite a while because I kept putting off going to the doctors.
  6. I'm joking you pr1ck.
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    There ya go mate i made the last bit abit easier to read so people got it :D
  8. Maybe i was a little strong in the last reply, but people do silly things and learn from there mistakes. I have friends who have been in those positions and do the best job they can.
    You however get one deferral and come on this forum and become a whiny little bitch making smart ass comments like this.
    "PS Their pretty picky for an overstreched and undermanned Army."
    Go see your GP for treatment and seek an appeal.
  9. I suggest you appeal mate. I'm in no position to say this, but it seems the Army policy on eczema is very flawed. They treat people who had it one time with no effect to their lives the same as life-long eczema suffers who have been hospitalized.
    From what I have read, you need to write a letter explaining yourself why you feel the decision should be overturned. More importantly you need a letter from your GP, ask him to go into more detail about your condition and emphasise how mild your condition was. Good luck mate, let me know how it goes.
  10. FFS use the cunting search function as these subjects (your condition and appeals in general) have been done to death, and then done again and again.
  11. What a cock, what are you gonna gain from coming on here and whinging like a spoilt brat ?? I dont know any ex smack heads in the army ... you seem to know all about it tho. Bellend of the highest order.