You guys have any more suggestions?

I know I am a pain in the ass :roll: but I am always thankful for suggestions from (both, male and female) British Soldiers who are Veterans or Active Duty.

What would you like to have in a care package.

(click on care packages)This is what I have so far but I want to create Package Variations and for that it would be nice to know what British people prefer most.

What are the favorite brands. Cookies, Tea, Sweets, Soups... how about personal hygiene items... I am thankful for any suggestion because it's about you guys and you have a different taste than Americans or Germans.

It'll be in a Test Mode during the weekend and I really appreciate any suggestions you make.
Gillette Razor blades are always a good one to send because the EFI rip you off no end and soldiers (male and female ;)) need to shave.
mmm... so how about a special "Hygiene Item" Package. One for females the other one for males. With personal hygiene Items only?

Would that be a good idea?
It's difficult to think of what to put in a care package. Most soldiers have friends and families that will send out the luxuries (or even necessities) that can't be obtained locally.

So really, a care package should contain stuff that isn't easy to get hold of.

A British soldier who has previously served in Germany, but whose friends and family live in UK, may be delighted to receive curry ketchup (in the big plastic bottle) because he has no way of getting it sent out. (Though even that can be got from Lidl, Aldi or Netto nowadays).

An alternative idea may be to approach manufacturers to produce a limited run of items in more appropriate packaging. What I'm thinking of here is pickled eggs. Most blokes that I've come across love them - either for their flavour or for their use in competitions. The trouble is that they are supplied in glass jars and may not survive postage. Glass is also quite heavy, leading to expensive postage costs. If a manufacturer were to produce a batch in screw-topped cans, rather than jars, they'd help morale no end.
@Postage: that is the reason I put up "Donate a Care Package" because I don't pay for international rates. I am using Flat Rate Boxes where you can ship up to 40 lbs for € 5,99.

They come in different sizes, so I don't worry about postage, it is included in the donation for the packages.

@stuff they can't get: So food is more important? Okay, but there should be at least 2 Hygiene Items in the packages. That is a must do.

I see what I can do about the pickled eggs perhaps there is someone who has them canned, perhaps over at Metro. I know they have them in Tetra Packs, perhaps they also have them canned.

Any other Suggestions? Specialties? How about Magazins? Books? Games?

Are there any games (besides drinking games :) ) British Soldiers like? Any favorites?

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