''You going to hell now''

I tried Google Translate, but it didn't work. What were they shouting about before she got the good news?
Couldn't work out the language being used, with the exception of her calling him a 'nigger' . That alone should get her jailed if recent actions are anything to go by but she attacked him first. He feared for his safety and the safety of his charges , so good on him :)


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he's got a point. she wants to be a man, he's going to treat her like a man.

she wants to take swings at people, it's a bit rich to get upset and say 'but I'm a girl' if someone takes a swing back.
I say good on him. She deserved quite a bit more than she received!
Nope, good on the Bro.
Only thing he is guilty of is not smacking the Sista hard enough so she couldn't make it back on de bus, innit?

Its about time people learnt the implications, if they go gobbin off to a big black dude that is only trying to do his job.
Same as that scrote in Jockland who was ejected from the train.

I'm sure he will lose his job though, and she will be compensated for the inconvienience.
Excuse my ignorance, wtf is a ratchet girl?
I imagine she will find it a great deal easier to make that sucking noise through her teeth now.
Surely a gentleman should never hot a lady, she might sue.

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