You Going on strike then?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. Looks like loads of strikes due any time soon, teachers, NHS, Unite........etc, etc. so striking will cost the tax payer millions of pounds, therefore more public sector job what are the unions trying to prove?

    I am sure Arshie & Whet will be backing the cause up (they ve never had a real job) so if you are going on strike what are you going to gain?
  2. the teachers are striking over the same pension cuts as us, they have a voice and the means to try and defend it, what have we got. Anyhow its quite funny that a teacher will wave goodbye to one of their pupils, the next year that pupil is Op H1* working harder in a six month tour than they have in their Guardianista career! and getting a better wage and pension, isnt that ironic?
  3. Armadilo,
    Having your pension cut must suck, but Gordo Broon promised you more than any succeeding govt could really pay out.....surely striking will only reduce the public purse & therefore your pension? isnt it time to man up and try to save the public purse and not go on strike!
  4. I would be more sympathetic to strikers if they didn't have one every few months when they decide they want a new TV. Salaries and pensions grew far too far under Labour, now that they aren't growing at the same rate they strike?

    Salaries should be cut in punishment.
  5. The Greek's are still protesting, despite having received an enormous bailout and being in desperate need of another due to having the worst credit rating of any country on Earth. Some people just can't/won't understand that the money has run out.
  6. If Nurses for once took industrial action we may be left alone for a bit. We never will because the nurses union is spineless. The junior nurses are quite poorly paid and it's very unfair to erode pensions. We all bitch and whine about other public sector workers but many of us at least had a reasonable pension to look forward to in retirement. To some degree I envy tube drivers, they seem to get whatever they ask for.
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  7. Perhaps the bankers or the bosses who've had 18% rises? It hasn't run out for them, even the ones in the banks we own.
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  8. Yeah, Its all Labours fault for setting the terms and conditions of a pension that has been in place since the fifties. Maybe some of you foaming at the mouth cut happy Tory lovers don't understand, but to cut the pension without so much as a by your leave of a job where you have accepted a poorer basic wage with the promise of a better pension is going to rile the people that do that job. Its not the Teachers fault that the money ran out, any more than it is the fault of the Individual Soldier, Policeman, Nurse, Civil Servant or Social Worker.

    I'm not going to get into the same hoary old discussion about why there is no money, I have my views and the Tories have theirs. There are many better ways of recouping this money than automatically hitting the people just trying to earn a wage and pension. Like actually collecting Tax correctly for one, and giving the Proceeds of Crime act some teeth for another.....
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  9. Being a muppet as pointed out, My thread didn't appear so added it here as well.
  10. No but you can ask the same question in two posts and see if you get the same stupid answers :D

    Unite fail to realise how much damage they are doing to their members, it about time they realised that their powers a weak now :)

    I think it's disgusting that many hard working people are getting penalised because they want to thro the teddies from the pram.
  11. Labour had 15 years to get this right, didn't, and now wheel it out as a solution. Why didn't they think of it while in power?
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  12. It was bloody obvious that we where heading downhill once benefit payments exceeded income tax payments.
  13. 'Cos Labour lives to 'Tax and SPEND'

    Spendings easy. It makes you feel good, and gets you votes.
    The grim business of collecting the cash gets overlooked. And tax rises cost you votes.
    Gordon was almost unique in the amount of hyper complexity and expense he added to the system, and which made it worse.
    I mean-Tax credits? Come on. In Gordon's world it's easier to tax people, then (if they ask for it) they can fill out a variety of application forms to get some money back.

    In everyone else's world, the easiest way to put money back in peoples pockets is -Tax them less.
    Tories know much more about tax. They spend a lot of time and effort avoiding it.
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  14. I'm NHS, I've never been on strike and I never WILL strike.
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  15. I think what the tories are doing to public sector pensions is an absolute disgrace.

    I only married her because she was a teacher - the plan being to live off my wages whilst working and hers whilst retired.

    I might now be stuck with her for no bloody good reason.
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