You either love it or hate it

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PotYos, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. don't mind it BUT it is really popular in kent where my doris is from & it loved by my kids too.

  2. Minging stuff.

  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Love it! Especially on a cheese & ham sarnie....
  4. Marmite!
    I feel sick typing or thinking of the stuff!
    As for the smell it turns my stomach so much so i have to leave the room so i to get the offending jar out of my sight! NEVER has a sandwich spread caused me so much suffering!
    As you would probably guess the missus loves the stuff! my solution is upon discovery of one of those orrible little jars is to throw the fecker in the bin wrapped in placky bag, over time she gets the hint and doesnt buy it! Worked for me!

    Devil spread 0 Troop 1

  5. :D :D That link made me laugh! :D :D

    Marmite - yummy if spread thinly on toast.
  6. mmmmmmm, Marmite and and cottage cheese in brown bread, thumbs up from me

    but big thumbs down to Nutella, hate that stuff, unfortunately the kids love it
  7. Love It :!: ...Even better now it is available in a "Squeeze Me" jar...
  8. don't mind it BUT it is really popular in kent where my doris is from & it loved by my kids too.

    Mr. Chard Sir! Patrol has come back, Zulus have gone, all of 'em. It's a miracle!

    If it's a miracle Colour Sergeant, it's a short chamber Boxer Henry, point 4.5 caliber miracle.

    And a bayonet Sir! With some guts behind it!

    I reckon that Marmite jar was planted as an excuse for the lad sh!tting himself.

  9. Love it on white toast thinly spread with loads of marg!! :D :D :D
  10. I think its vile.
  11. Thats a fit up if every there was one, there is no way that small child likes marmite. If you zoom in on his left eye you can see a reflexion of AKTTE holding a fluffy kitten over a blender and forcing the kid to cover it's self in marmite or the kitten gets turned in to a smoothy. Sick sick man!
  12. Disgusting stuff! Same as peanut butter :pukel:
  13. Marmite is fcuking disgusting. Bovril, however, is the food of Kings.

    And great news readers. After a 2 year break, it is going back to being made with beef stock again. The ONLY substance to have on your toast when raiding the Night Tray after coming back from town mingmonged