You either love it or hate it!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by boney_m, Dec 16, 2003.

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  1. We've all heard it - 3 div is this 30 sigs is that :!: but we all have opinions on the units we've served at. So what was wrong or right?

    For me, the best unit i ever served at was 28 Sigs - it was my first posting, i was in LOA land, and i was single - had a blast.

    The worst for me was 251 Sigsqn - had about 19 serving blokes to do all the jobs the 100 odd civies wouldnt do - wasnt a bad place, just a pointless waste of time.

    So whats the best and worst posting you've had in the Corps??
  2. best 200 sigs detmold, a proper family.
    worst 249sigs bulford, sprog bullying and beatings in the block, poor snco's and very clicky now disbanded (definately a good thing)
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Best - 39 Inf Bde Sig Sqn - camaraderie was second to none.

    Worst - Has to be Wilton!! - socially it was excellent but work wise it was fcuking pants!
  4. Best - JCUNI - By a long shot. No nobheads. No drill. No Razzmans. No dumb Rodneys giving you dumb jobs. Nothing apart from honest to goodness operational work, and shedloads of off-duty drinking.

    Worst - AAC - Harrogate. Why the fook did I go there when I could have done it all in 9 months at Catterick, and had an extra year and a third as a civvie. Heres a good idea. Let's put 17 year olds in charge of 16 year olds and leave them to it at night. Yeah that'll work well.
  5. Best: Being in Hong Kong prior to it being handed back, there was of course a down side, working with the Gurks.

    Worst: 238 Sigs, talk about making duties for duties sake, and getting p***ed about on days off.
  6. I do know what you mean about Harrogate C_C, I only did a year there but didnt enjoy a great deal of it. If i had my time again, i would definately have stayed at school and joined as a adult.

    We did have some Barrack Room Instructors who were good lads, some of them became good mates later on, but we also had some right little Hitlers, nothing but bullys at the end of the day. You were right, kids should never have been put in charge of kids.
  7. Best was 4 Div 85 to 88. The Pig's Bar was the best drinking hole that I have ever frequented.

    Can't really pick a worst one.
  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Must agree there the pigs bar 90-94 - 4 ADSR was an absolute quality watering hole. Some truly crazy times.

    Crappest posting would probably have to have been 280(UK) Sigs St.Tonis. Complete tonk.
  9. My best would have to be 229 Signal (Berlin) Squadron, when it was actually in Berlin.
    I was gutted when it closed down.

    By far the worst has to be 102 Log Bde HQ & Sig Sqn (262) [Jason gets upset if you don't put the full title]
    That great a unit I ended up signing off with only six years to push till my pension.
  10. 83c at AAC - A/T instructors, majority were as posted above jumped up little bullies or just thugs, could'nt wait to get out of the place.......

    RSDT was pretty sh*te as well, full of prima donnas & cliques, if after 2 minutes you could'nt ride a bike backwards, stood on your head whilst reading a paper you just were'nt in. Still that was down to the command team at the time, in hindsight very week & allowed the team to be run by full screws/lance jacks.

    4 Div 84 - 87 remember the Pigs Bar very well, excellent place to get pi$$ed, if you could live with the cockroaches & lineys :D...............happy days
  11. Best by far was Northag air support radio squadron based in Tongeren (Belgium), This was my daily routine as a Cpl Radio telegraphist

    Parade at 0800 go to bar for coffee
    Go tax free shopping till 1000
    Naafi break till 1030
    Drive to Maastricht to get the mail
    1400 parade go to bar for coffee
    Sports afternoon

    LOA was superb - I was single - only about 15 Brits rest of Squadron - geeks/gooks/jonny foreigner totally independent of the rest of the world - holidays and day trips ongoing - no expense spared - scams up the jing jang - exercise maybe twice a year in totally non excersie conditions as foreigners would complain and go home, max time in field 4 days.

    Worst - but with some emotion was my first posting 211 Signal Squadron (Minden) 82-87 worst only because the vast majority was spent on bullsh1t exercises and when not on exercise you were on guard duty - if bullsh1t had a annual gold medal 211 would have won it year in year out, but that said had some really good mates and had some of my best experiences of Disco Duck in Hannover and then the disco which preceeded that one, opposite Macdonalds but the years have faded the memory (down some stairs always a fight and plenty of slappers who wanted accomodating)
  12. Best 15 Sigs great work, great on the lash and I'm not on about the strip!! 7 Sigs in Herford very close what a unit, and what a night on the urine
  13. Best for the craic - 21 Sigs (Wilders), best for quality of life - Latina
    Worst for work and craic - CPD.
  14. Best...........633 Sig Tp, well, wot I can remember anyway. 6 months in the sunshine and time off spent in Mexico........fantastic place!

    Worst........I have to agree, Harrogate was utter pump, but it did produce very good tradesmen, unlike Blandford.
  15. Best unit - 9 Sigs '97, single, LOA, Agia Napa in bounds and a new set of tourists every sunday.

    It was a hardship, 2 days/2 nights then 4 off!!!!