You dont think Royal Chuck is behind this?...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. Poor Charles, had to postpone his weddin' because the Pope died and he had to go to Rome ' cause mumsy has other plans...

    now Prince Rainier of Monaco snuffs it and there'll be another Big Glam Funeral.. will Chuckie be going to that one, too?.. does that mean he'll have to tell Camilla to hold off a bit longer?..

    maybe its all a ploy.. he can keep stalling tieing the knot by having to dash off to state send-offs for Royals and other Bigwigs dropping off around the world...

    "Sorry Cammie, darlin' but duty calls.. the cake will keep and really, its for the best.. got to rebuild the image you know.. tomorrowe, I promise [ aside to flunkie ] who's next on the critical list ?"
  2. Rainier died today - media suggest week before planting so no prob with wedding. Might give him a chance to escape from bedroom on honeymoon?
  3. I was made to believe that royals can only order three "accidents" on people, weve had di and now JPII, who is he gonna bump next?
  4. I wonder if HRH Chaz will do requests. If he's got one more offing left to use then he should raffle it. I would buy lots of tickets and then the difficult job begins, which of these to "resign"?

    1. St Tony bLIAR
    2. TCH
    3. Chris Moyles (hated radio 1 even before this cnut)
    4. That bloke from the Halifax ads.

    Such a nice dilemma, like which one of the Corrs to bang first.
  5. Hey IdleAdjt, i know which Corr i would bang last!!!

    As for big Ears hell just have to wait another couple of days before, for the first time, he can see Camilas map of Tasmania.!!!!!!!
  6. Claire,

    You too are repulsed at the idea of humping the one who's had a sprog. Wizzard's sleeve and all that...
  7. Maybe Rainier's funeral will be a perferct opportunity for Chuck to have a free honeymoon in Monaco :twisted:
  8. If there's a freebie going, you can bet your bum who'll bag it first - election or no election. The wide mouthed frog will yield to no man!

    Anyway, the problem isn't who to bump, it's how to get the above list in the same car at the same time.