You don't love me no more!

Seen on a store shelf....




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The Special Brew has kicked in then I take it?
Any married woman I've met who is a thick moaning cunt with a fat arse is usually in the company of a spineless husband who can't find anything better

Mr Flibble

On a side note, Old Spice was my favourite Spice Girl.
Old Spice, you mean Ginger Spice? I knew you were depraved but you've gone too fucking far now! Ginger indead!

Anyway, the correct answer is "Me love you long time!"
WAH shield up

If you look REALLY hard, through beer goggles, it says '10 FUCKERING LIGHTS'

Wah shield down,

Vanya , it's still not funny, now fuck off
Fucking Old Spice. Every one knows Brut 33 is the drink of champions.

On a side note, Old Spice was my favourite Spice Girl.
Both Old Spice and Brut tended to have an unpleasant after-taste, Blue Stratos beats them both hollow.
Denim, but I don't have to try very hard.

(Does that mean its shit and I don't need it anyway?)
Nobby I think you may be missing the point here I was referring to the ancient squaddy pasttime of drinking said liquids.
Methylated Spirits and Hexamine Cocktails, with a Brasso chaser.


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Is it too early in the year for anti-freeze? So sweet. So comatose. Anti-Freeze.
Did you know that if you stab a man in the dead of winter steam will rise up from his wounds...the Indians believed that it was his soul escaping from his body.
I know mine doesnt. And the one i am wooing is playing hard to get.

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