you dont have to be a centerfold to get men

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smithie, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. What the fcuk was the point in posting that? Dull, irrelevant, inaccurate.

    Fcuk off.
  2. And, like most of 'lawstudents' pointless threads, ripped off from elsewhere on the net, in this case, this site here

    How sad are you?
  3. This is the NAAFI mate.........all she needs is a pulse.
  4. And if she hasn't got one, fcuk her till she gets one..

    Lawstudent, you are thieving oxygen (and webspace) yet again.

  5. she is definitly yannie part 2
  6. So basically lawstudent/yannie you are trying to prepare us all for the revelation that you are in fact a 30 stone transsexual trucker from Hull with a cleft palate, a stammer, a hygiene problem and a face that looks like its been set on fire and put out with a cricket bat

    Tell us something we don't know and kindly fcuk off while you're doing it
  7. so....what he/she is saying is "im a pig and I can get laid" correct ??
  8. Ooo fantasy! great, I love a bit of role-play and dressing up. Right, I'll be Cap'n Ahab, and you, of course, can be Moby Dick. :roll:

    "Why is there never a Jap whaling boat around when you need one?"
  9. Lawstudent is, without a shadow of a doubt, the same twisted individual as yannie.

    I have just had a pm from lawstudent asking me not to send her (him/it) any more abusive messages. The strange thing about that is that I haven't sent yannie or lawstudent any messages at all via pm here.

    I have however sent yannie abusive pms on another forum that he/she/it tries to clog up with dullardness.

  10. This is a typical example of feeble crap from Yannie. I couldn't write a more hideous example of turgid awfulness if I tried.

    Well, if that doesn't put everyone off, nothing will. Go and die.

  11. this girl/guy/thing has has some majer issus that he/she/it has to resolve. go bug a headdoctor and not people that actualy have some thing intersestin/funny to say.
  12. My boyfriend who is in the British Army recently recommended me to this site for, as he put it "support". Not having any previous dealings with the British Army I thought this would be a good way to find out what inside life in the British Army was really like and what I may or may not expect from the calibre of those serving in the British Army whom I may later meet.

    Its very difficult for new posters like Lawstudent and myself to fit in on a website where the terminology is strange, the humour is different and we don't "get it" because at the early stage we are not "in it". If old hands feel that strongly about the posts of new people who are just starting, may I respectfully suggest the Administrators start a new Forum for us or, the Moderators show more tolerance and direction when we slip up. Failing that, you may just want to refund our contributions. Many thanks for reading.
  13. Lawstudent isn’t a new poster, please read through all her posts and then read through all the posts by a character called Yannie and then you should be able to work out why everyone rants and raves at her.
  14. Ive sussed it "Lawstudent" is paying her way by being "Yannie" the taxi driver at Royston Vasy :wink:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.