"You do not have permission to view this page"

As above. I had posted in the thread, and am getting notifications in my email of replies, but can't view the thread any more, just get the above message.

Can you post the link please?
So threads that people don't like get hidden, while other worse ones are allowed to trundle on and on and on for days?


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Not that unusual. I'm a moderator/admin on a couple of forums and its normal practice to have a quarantine area to move threads for cleaning purposes.
Chuck the thread into a private area to either clear out the gash posts or delcide the fate of the whole thread.
And now this:

[h=2]vBulletin Message[/h]expected searchd protocol version 1+, got version '0'
Quite probably me. I've just moved ARRSE to another type of server. An attempt to find a way around the monstrous Amazon monthly bill we were facing. While it should be a transparent move and is near instantly reversible, the timing of your post coincides exactly with when I switched. Any more problems let me know please.

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