You created the best well deploy the best...send in the army alongside the met!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rulebritania, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I've thought twice and still don't understand.
  2. ****'s never heard of Bloody Sunday, or the Peterloo Massacre then? :)
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  3. Two's up on your crack pipe.
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  4. I pity the poor sod having to Riot control stuff with an LSW. (in the picture with the link)
  5. I would now class the London riots as a emergency situation and would now deploy the Army on to the streets without further delay.

    The police have demonstrated that they have lost control of the situation.

    I believe that the root cause of this are the wild cutbacks made by government thus giving the poor youth of our country little hope of prosperity for the foreseeable future.

  6. spoilt brats, with human rights, a cultural indifference, thinking in a racist tribal sorry gang format, in quick and fast culture where criminality is a rewarded socially and a prison trip is a holiday away... **** em
  7. Good job the goverment decided to cut the plod,

    I think their just isn't enough plod to control the place but they'd probably get told off for kettling so were do they get the extra men from the surronding forces or from the army as what the TV are showing to me looks like the only reason their doing it is that they can get away with smashing the place up and stealing whatever isnt nailed down so it wont stop till some one stamps it out.

    but why do our plod have to make do with little more than harsh words or the human rights act in europe and NI the fuzz can use tear gas and water cannons they'd probably realy useful at the moment
  8. Not the Black n Tans,,,,,Maybe the Grey and Whites.............
  9. Do one Im on leave
  10. Are you taking the F*^king piss? This comes from someone who has a profile pic condoning rape!
  11. Air Filter understands, read his wake up and smell the coffee. The police are struggling to be everywhere these are organised and use mobiles to communicate. What would you suggest "LET THEM HAVE THIER FUN THEY'RE ONLY YOUNG"
  12. You're the one talking about snatch squads. Pack-raping ****.
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  13. Possibly because he's a fellow mong.
  14. Filthyphil you having to sink to using swearing when you a a world.wide web to assist in your grammar in order to communicate effectively to others on this forum who have fought to allow the likes of yourself to communicate freely without fear of an early morning knock by a regime who will oppress this freedom. Please don't waste the freedom you have.