You couldnt write the script!!


Just to say Goodbye Highbury.

The script that couldn't be written:

Spurs players get a dodgy case of the $hits

Spurs made to play West Ham

Spurs get beat 2-1

Arsenal win 4-2 and get 4th place in the Premiership

Terry Henry scores a hat-trick at the North Bank

Spurs have to play Wafer Cup next season

Arsenal play Champions League!!

Oh Thanks to Wigan for making it a great game.

Atleast PTP will be pleased.
PTP is ecstatic , and Easymoney is probably just about sober now :D

And our new stadium, looks the Mutt's clockweights.

9 days to go......
Still in a daze,yesterday was superb,Roger Daltrey "Spurs will be sponsored by Pampers next season". Classic. Walcott in England squad,its like something out of Billy's Boots.
Ventress said:
Might even get on the waiting list for the waiting list for a ticket!
I do believe there is a Bergkamp testimonial coming up soon - anyone going?


Champions league - you're havin' a laugh! :twisted:
I am quietly confident young Walcott will make a name for himself.
Having seen a few clips of Walcott scoring, the boy has talent. I'll wager he causes panic in the opposition defences. Strange that an English lad should play for Arsenal though... ver odd.
I think it's a great idea to stick young Theo in there, guess old Sven has nowt to lose really seeing as though he's off at the end of the World Cup. If all goes well he will be remembered as a hero, if it all goes breasts up then he can just go without giving a monkeys danglies eh.
Anyone surprised not to see Wright-Philips and Defoe in the squad though??
Guess we will have to wait till 2010 to see Marlon Harewood leading the Ingerland front line....what....what you all laughing at?


drain_sniffer said:

Dont go counting your chickens just yet. Think it will happen?
Not a chance, thats why the Yids are sick- Sour grapes and hard cheese!
Henry:Surs were dancing to early over fourth spot.Must have been the The Trots.


The hotel food has been cleared by Health officials, it boils down to Spurs players not washing their hands after a $hit!

Dirty Yids gits!

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