You couldnt make this up

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. This cunt must have a complex and no shit he stands out!

    A Muslim Rangers supporter who chanted sectarian remarks at a game at Ibrox Stadium has been fined £600.

    Abdul Rafiq, 41, the only Muslim member of the English Defence League, was arrested at Rangers friendly game with Chelsea on 6 August.

    At Glasgow Sheriff Court he pleaded guilty to religiously aggravated breach of the peace by shouting, swearing and uttering sectarian remarks.

    Sheriff John McCormick also imposed a five year football banning order.

    The court heard that Rafiq, from Kelvinbridge, Glasgow, was heard shouting phrases which hit out at Catholics and the Pope.
    'Sectarian phrases'

    Fiscal depute Seana Doherty, prosecuting said: "The accused was standing in the Govan front stand wearing a flag around his shoulders bearing the Red Hand of Ulster logo.

    "He was wearing an umbrella stand hat which was red white and blue and also had the Red Hand of Ulster logo on it, and carrying a blue Rangers backpack.

    "He was seen by three police officers to stand up from the seat and chant sectarian phrases."

    The court was told Rafiq was warned by the officers to stop but continued and was arrested.

    Defence lawyer Ashley Kane told the court: "Mr Rafiq is a member of the English Defence League, as a result of his membership to this and him being the only Muslim member of the organisation he does stand out."

    She said that he has been a Rangers fan for the majority of his life and has attended matches and sung songs.

    Ms Kane added: "At the time of the offence he didn't believe that his actions were offending anyone."

    She also said that if he had known he was offending anybody he would not have acted in that way.

  2. All aboard the bus before it gets blown up.
  3. Only if jiadhi wadi are playing on the buses sound system
  4. Sounds as if he was a wee bit shortchanged with braincells. Ah well maybe someone will help him out.
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    "Shortchanged with braincells" sums it up nicely. Note, a Muslim English Defence League member in Scotland.

    I bet he is Mr Popular down the Mosque.

    He'll be joining a fucking Kibbutz next.
  6. Surprising how many English Muslims fled north to escape living in England.
  7. Mention of the EDL means only one thing - you know it - -you love it so here it is again for old times sake !!!

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  8. I wonder how his thought processes go.

    "How many people can I annoy?

    Join the EDL, that'll annoy the Jocks, the muslims/hindu's, sikh's etc.Support Rangers, that'll annoy the English and the catholics especially if I throw in some Sectarian chanting. Next week I'll nip to the Millenium stadium and chant 'Rugby is shit and you cnuts can't sing' and the week after that I'll nip the synagogue and shout 'you bastards murdered the messiah.'
    After that I'll only have the Womens institute to piss off, I'll have to come up with some anti jam making comments."
  9. I can't see what he's done wrong :?

    What's so bad about insulting Catholics and the Pope? (Nazi honkey) Chuck in the Arch Bish of Cunterbury, (Welsh cunt) a few Imams and Rabbis for a well rounded insult...fuck 'em all.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    What was he chanting..."Insh Alley"...."Alley Akbar..the is no god but Alley McCoist & Greivsie is his messanger"...
  11. This guy seems to have more issues than the Daily Record, wonder if he's a mate of that celebrated Morton (cough Rangers) fan Regular Imbiber?
  12. Could have been worse, could have painted his face blue and stood up with a can of tennents super in his hand and shouted Freeeeedom
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  13. Wondered how long before you would corf.
  14. Quiet you!
  15. For the love of all that is small and hairy, what fucking language is this hedge born, crunchnut talking?

    I don't know whether to pity him or punch him.