You Couldnt Make It Up

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Dec 20, 2008.

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    A fire that killed nearly 100 cats at an animal shelter near Toronto may have been started by mice, say officials.

    By Tom Leonard in New York
    Last Updated: 9:14PM GMT 19 Dec 2008

    Three dogs and several rats also died in the blaze at the Humane Society shelter in Oshawa.

    Preliminary reports by a fire marshall indicate that the fire started in the ceiling and was probably caused by mice chewing through electrical wires.

    Only nine dogs, two cats and a rat could be rescued from the fire, which destroyed the building along with its suspected perpetrators.

    The tragedy has prompted a national outpouring of support with Canadians donating money as well as offering food and temporary homes for the survivors.

    Ruby Richards, the shelter's manager, said: "It's been crazy here. People are very upset and some people have just been crying on the phone."

    A Toronto Humane Society spokesman told the BBC: "It's unfortunate and ironic that mice caused the fire that killed the cats. Unfortunately, the mice probably perished in the fire as well."
  2. The poor animals. It must have been like the aftermath of the septics gatecrashing a Muslim wedding.