You couldn’t make it up…

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. A friend is in the DPA, which is just about to collide with the DLO in order to create the new organisation, Defence Equipment and Support or “DES”. Apparently, a grown-up arrived to brief the assembled multitude on the new structure and how the new email names would be formed. This is fairly important as the new organisation starts up on the 02 Apr and all the letterheads still need to be designed and set up.

    Anyway, they have decided to use four parts to the email addresses and up went the Powerpoint slide:

    First, the prefix “DES” with a space immediately afterwards
    Then, the name of the project followed by a hyphen
    Then, the name of the post
    Finally, the

    The presenter then gave some examples, of which one used the name of the major RAF and Army project for the Airborne Stand-Off Radar system called ASTOR. This was laid out as follows:


    Apparently, some wag in the audience then asked if the IPT Leader for the ASTOR project had been asked if he was completely content with his new email address. A gale of laughter swept the auditorium!

  2. Nice one Litotes.

    Took a while but I sussed it in the end.
  3. Its a good description of the project so far - nice to see DES being a new honest dept :)
  4. Why can't all MoD depts be so honest :judge:
  5. There are a few strange and unfortunate e-mail addresses on DII.

    I found this one a couple of weeks ago.

    METO-FOI **** OPEN - Met Office Freedom of Information Analyst Open.
  6. sorry for picking up the technical, but you can't have a space in the email address as it won't hang together! Or am I missing something a bit fundemental?

  7. You can on DII as it is an internal intranet, with links to the www.

    If you have access to DII and the global address book, look it up.
  8. I'll be pedantic cnut of the day and correct you in that the new organisation will be DE&S not DES.


    P.S. Once everyone gets on DII, you'll have your name as the E-mail address rather than bizarre IPT and Post based ones.
  9. Oh yes, My apologies, i was forgetting the typical MoD thing of lets take something thats standard and COTS to reduce costs and then feck around with it so it becomes way more expensive and standalone! Must think on next time!