You could get hurt for backing Israel, Iran leader tells Eur

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. You could get hurt for backing Israel, Iran leader tells Europe
    Times Online Link

  2. What else is new?
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Let's see - the man elected in a blatantly rigged election (almost all opposition candidates were banned by the Religious Supremes leader) threatens Europe for supporting (and not very much at that) the only elected democracy in the Middle East (unles you count Iraq, which is suffering teething problems at the mo....)

    At least they HAVE genuine elections in Isrtael, which is more than can be said of ANY Arab or indeed Persian State.
  4. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Actually, it doesn't really matter if democracy prevails in the Middle East or Iran. The fact that Saddam could ensure a 'peaceful' Iraq and the present anarchy in Iraq under the democratic govt should be an indicator as to how much achievement democracy in these bad lands can effect!

    The Iranian man is the Head Honcho and he controls the instruments of power in Iran and he also can incite the terrorists to go hunting.

    Therefore, what matter is the threat.

    It is time to stop these liberal appeasements and approach the problem of internal security head on.

    The terrorists and their sympathisers must be grabbed by the short and curly and told to move along the narrow and straight.

    Enough of this PC tomfoolery.
  5. OldSnowy, you have forgotten Palestine. The elections there were widely recognised as absolutely democratic.

    And Lebanon, Hezbollah has their MPs elected absolutely democratically.

    As for Ahmadinejad then no doubt that he or even more anti-Western politician would be elected on any elections (except performed under control of American military forces).

    Returning to the speech by Iranian president let's asl ourselves what does he mean? A war? No, of course. Likely economic preferencies. For example France is active on Iranian market. Recently Peugeot plant was closed in the UK and there are Peugeot-206's in Moscow's car-saloons ... made in Iran.
  6. You forget under a Western democratic view, political party's don't usually have militant wings like Hezbollah.
  7. We get told lies all the time about Iraq, crime falling, hospitals being first class, the Armed Forces not being overstretched etc. So why can't other world leaders tell their people a few falsehoods about beating up the Israelis and allies? :twisted:
  8. Participation in elections does not make a liberal democracy - therefore unless you count Cyprus - there are no liberal democracies in the Middle East.
  9. Who cares what Iran says or thinks. If they step out of line we'll cuff them soundly - just as they deserve. I'll be first to volunteer to slot a few turban heids.
  10. Anyone know the Persian for "Bring it"?