You could be a Royal Military Police Close Protection Officer for 3.99 (plus postage)

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by PsyCop, Dec 1, 2011.

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  1. Or a Sniper.... Or a Combat Medical Technician..... Or a Royal Marine Commando Mountain Leader....

    Commando - Military speacialists where you can find your lost army, navy or airforce certificate

    This is the gentleman's ebay account stickers, numbers items in Burry's Bargains store on eBay!

    and youtube mark29cdowalker's Channel - YouTube

    Or.... His name could also be "Andy", not Mark - from another identical online ordering form 29cdo Order Form

    and one of his associated retailers here Infantry regiments, Royal Navy items in 17paramac60 store on eBay!

    and also checkout our Williams feed back, eBay Feedback profile for williamd6696 , not sure what he wants to be in, a sniper, Royal Signals, The Rifles, or a police man... But he is scarily buying the kit as well!
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  2. hmmm.... always fancied being an EOD Tech......
  3. I note that he does fake IBA qualifications. That's faking fakery and he should be applauded for such initiative.
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  4. Nice one, been looking for fake mechanics quals for i can get a Halfords trade card :)
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  5. That really is gayer than Jarrod's chocolate love button!

    Para certificate is en route! That'll impress the boys down my local Y!
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  6. That's next years secret Santa squared away.
  7. Pah bet he's not got my restraint and arrest instructors certificate.
  8. Couldn't find a certificate for the Army Catering Corps. Must be true that no one has ever passed the course. :(
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  9. Annoying bluffing twats, Mrs A actually said she liked his over my real one.....twat

    Twatty iPhone added Canberra and I can't delete it please disregard!

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  10. Can't people selling stuff like this be done for creating forgeries of official documents (is forgery a criminal offence?), thereby allowing misrepresentation of qualification criteria to either impress or improve employment prospects falsely? At the very least it's an insult to anyone that's actually earned any of them..
  11. I think the problem is they aren't replicas of real certificates, he has just made his own up.
  12. Ah! I was wondering why they didn't have those things when I was in.. (oops, giving away my underachievers certificate RE status now..) I just put it down to early onset of Alzheimers.
  13. If you tell an employer that you have, for example a Degree in Forensic Accountancy and you haven't. You technically commit the Criminal Offence of Obtaining a Pecuniary Advantage
  14. I noticed even this guy is not stupid enough to make a certificate for the Never passed army catering course.
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  15. If you bought one, showed it to a prospective employer and he offered you a job SOLELY on the basis of what it said on the certificate, it would be Fraud by False Representation. Then he could be done for making and supplying it, but he would have to KNOW what you intended to do with it. There's probably small print somewhere about them only being to replace lost certificates, or as novelty items.

    Edited to add: Obtaining a Pecuniary Advantage is no longer on the books. It was replaced by the Fraud Act 2006.