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you cheeky bast*rds

Washington will allow non-US companies to bid for contracts to rebuild post-war Iraq, says head of US Agency for International Development, Andrew Natsios.

A US company has won a $4.8m (£3m) contract to manage Umm Qasr port in southern Iraq.
The contract is the second awarded under US Government plans for reconstruction in Iraq.

Stevedoring Services of America will be responsible for operating Iraq's only deep-water port, with the aim of allowing food and other humanitarian and reconstruction materials and supplies to be delivered efficiently.

US engineering firm Kellogg Brown & Root - part of Halliburton, the company once headed by US vice-president Dick Cheney - earlier picked up a contract to put out oil well fires and repair oil facilities.

Doesn't this have to go through the UN.....?
Every 100th? Blimey they're more generous than I thought

Fcuking tossers. The ROYAL Marines took that town. Look it up Spams, you'll find it under "Superior Armed Forces" in your "Janes guide to World Armies"

We took that town, after the spams arrsed it totally, and our reward, is no reward at all. Grow a pair Blair, and tell the Spams straight. If we take the objective, we get first say in WHO does the rebuilding. Or have we just got 7 Billion Pounds to throw away on philanthropic causes?


if the americans start putting their self interest first  :mad:then the next war that bush want to start he can fcuking do it by himself , our brave british soldiers shouldn't die for fcuk all  :mad: :mad: and we had to do FIBUA work for them as well !! if we hadnt been there they would have another mogadishu with more then a black hawk to worry about !!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhh im SO MAD !!  i can never look at SPAM in supermarket again with  out thinking about the yank screwing us  :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


War Hero
Those of us in the know said weeks ago that the only reason the Shermans wanted us was because they were shyte when it comes to the nitty gritty, without big flying bangy thingy ma gigs they are useless. Afghanistan the same, incompetent twaats had to use us to get them out the shyte in the hills when Elmer got a splinter in his red neck inbred arse.

And Blair...Blair? BLAIR!!

That ****** wouldn't know a pair if they dangled in his eyes, which they would be if he had any, the fecking ********. He dug us into this months ago and was too piss weak to do anything but keep digging, now he goes crawling to Camp David to ask for some crumbs, and I'm willing to bet he gets told to fcuk off.

Chinless wonders like Blair are only any good to anybody or anything when you can keep an eye on them and put them straight while nobodies watching.

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