You can't say That?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by goneandgone, Jan 11, 2004.

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    It would appear that after suspensions of shows and talk of Police investigations that Kilroy Silk is off the hook. The mistaken ommision by a secretary of one word from a piece he wrote changed his having a pop at Arab countries to having a pop at Arabs. Kilroys style of talking and writing is often to play devils advocate...give the opposite view or give the extreme view to encourage debate.

    What have we come to that people cannot say what they like anymore?
    I've noticed in recent years in conversations in private homes people constantly say "You can't say that" and if it's in public they sort of shuffle uncomfortably from foot to foot and look around guiltily as though to see if 'Big Brother' is listening in.
    Being an outspoken person I experience this a lot. My reply to "You can't say that" is "I just did".
    What freedom is it that our forefathers before us...and you who serve our Country now fought for if we allow it to be stolen from us without putting up a fight?
    Political correctness is a cancer in our society. It's a wicked lie. It pretends to protect our lives, rights and sensitivities. But it doesn't.
    All it has done is made us a nation in FEAR.
    Afraid to speak our minds and explore other views by honest debate.
    It's caused us to FEAR speaking out what we truly think for FEAR of losing our jobs, our social acceptance and our liberty.
    And it causes the very things to grow that we wanted our society to reject.
    Battles for freedom are not always strategic and military ones.
  2. It was interesting last night watching BBC2's top 100 comedy shows. Many have had repeats shown except 1 'It ain't half hot mum' has never been recently repeated why because it is considered racist and homophobic. It is one of the funniest TV sitcoms ever written and the writers actually said they were holding a mirror up at the attitude of the British army to Indians in fact if you look at it the european actors appear quite insane compared to the Indians who appear polite well mannered and balanced.
  3. kilroy is just saying what any of us would say in a pub :wink:
  4. So you're an advocate of free speech then?

    The sort of person who believes that a person is entitled to express their opinions, whatever they may be?

    The sort of person who would never whine and moan about comments posted on a publicly accessable forum, and not be happy until the comments made were removed?

  5. Not quite the case, actually. BBC Prime showed the series in the last couple of months, and that channel is available worldwide (as here in the ME). I loved it, which is more than can be said of the crud they otherwise pump out.
  7. gunny,

    Ignoring the source, do you disagree with the sentiment of the written comment?

    Do you truly feel free to express all your personal views in public without social or legal censure?

    (NB do not know your protagonist, no relation or supporter!)
  8. Vespa wrote:

    Quite right! And the Duke Of Edinburgh (for whom PC is complete boll*cks) would say to Saint Yasser.

    It's a shame for a minority (handful) of honourable, switched on, level headed, woman shagging Arabs that they get tarred with the suicide bomber/hand chopper offer/woman beater brush. However that's how it is. It is one thing to have no respect for a racial/ethnic/cultural group, quite another to wish its extermination.

    RK-S doesn't like Arabs. No argument from me or millions of other silent imperialist mercenary snake..pig dogs.

    It is this illogical failure of Governments and mainstream media to face facts that means that Great Grandmother Johansen from Northern Norway is having the full rectal cavity search at airports while twenty five year old Abdul-Al Maddoggi gets waved through the same control point because no one in authority will admit that the threat to aircraft is more likely to come from the Arab chap!
  9. well said SD!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    who was the last scandinavian granny to hijack a plane?
  10. Democracy means you can say what you like, but that you can expect a smack in the gob if everyone else don't like it...
    If you put your head above the parapet, you have to expect someone to take the shot sooner or later...
  11. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    RK-S was right in what he said
    best of it was there were no complaints when the article was run the first time so why all the fuss over one missing word this time round??
    with the US policy of taking out all Arabs maybe this problem will not happen in a few years time?
    after all when did you ever see an Arab on the USS Enterprise??