You Cant Polish a Turd

Jade Goody:

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  • Another candidate for the ARRSE mass grave.

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  • Plastic surgery or not, I'd sh@g her.

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How much has this thing paid out on plastic surgery?

Save your money love, the only way to better your corpulent, porcine features is to don a burka and lock yourself away in a darkened room for the rest of your life. Failing that for £10,000 I can improve your looks using a blowtorch and a spade; anything else would be just p1ssing into the wind.


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I thought this was a forum on middle- European toilet methods, especially those of Poland!

The lovely Jade is a fine example of the ills that consume this country. The obsession with 'celebs'. Non-entities who are famous only for being famous, or being stupid in public.
Left to her own devices and in the environment in which she was bred, she would have sank into natural obscurity, other than as a ready and willing sexual partner for whomsoever had the price of a can of Stella and a kebab. Promoted by self-intersted and greedy publicists, she has been thrust into a world outside of her own knowledge and capabilities, washed up on the shore of scandal and fame, she really is more to be pitied than scorned. It is akin to the days when bedlam used to open it's doors to paying gawkers to be vicariously thrilled and scared by the lunatics.
REgards, there are some things you just not admit to.

DFD, one other redeeming feature, the tits. The face looks like something I would prefer to meet in the dark rather than during daylight, when I would probably faint or throw up. :D


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This bint is standard fair for your average squaddie out on the razz. You know it's true. The fact that she's got a few dollar makes her an even better sh@g sotry the following morning in the mess.
Silent_Assassin said:
perfectly acceptable as long as she kept her gob shut.... :scratch:

Nope let me elaborate - open to suck not to talk
Scared we'll learn your secret SA?

No, she is a candidate to be taught to fly so that she can pilot a missile drone.
She looks like a pig and is one of those 'famous for no real reason' 'clebreez' that I despise.

The only penetration that she is good for is to strapped over the end of a Chally's gun when on the ranges!
I'd sh@g her and then sell my story to the papers and become famous for sh@gging a (non) celebrity. Just think of the money that could be made, awesome.
Come on I thought that this site was made mostly from us deviants in the armed forces who would shag anything that moves, or at least warm.
I am sure those who say no thanks she is a pig, were just too drunk to remember what they slept with on the weekend!!!!!!!!!
At least she isn’t a GWA!

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