You cant make this up: Duck gets Secret Service protec

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cheesypoptart, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. From CNN, original here.

    Completely quackers if you ask me...
  2. As a Yank, I'm all for it. I'd rather pay my tax dollars to take care of a few ducks, then some of the idiots we have in prison. Most of these guys we have in prison should be dead. However, that is another story...

    I'm all for the duck!!!
  3. Another balanced view from law enforcement, 'Merican style.....

    My money is on them loosing off 541 rounds into the duck, missing, killing several innocent Japanese tourists, blaming it on an unhinged loner with a hunting rifle then all claiming film rights for 'being there'.

    If they are called secret service, why arent they secret? Everyone knows about them. I know of more secret Man U players. :roll:
  4. Surely there's going to be a submarine involved somewhere, too?
  5. My vote's with the duck - more power to its - err - elbow.
  6. Putting an armed guard on a Washington family of ducks whilst the same government is tooling up to go drilling for oil in Alaska...

    Preaching about "culture of life" when it involves a Floridian bulimic vegetable but getting all pissy when the Supreme Court tells them they can't execute retards and children anymore...

    Sounds like pretty normal behaviour for this bunch, but I'm guessing the duck is a Bush supporter- what other kind of a retarded duck needs to be given water?
  7. We've guarded the nests of rare birds (Golden Eagles) in this country. I believe one "egg rustler" was bumped as he was about to help himself. He was rewarded with a fairly handy sized "clip round the ear" and an admonishment to "keep your thievin hands to yourself, or I'll cut em off and shove em up your ar*e! Try stamp collecting you tool!" Clearly, Bill Oddie has friends in high places. :wink: