You can't do anything any more!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wHoSaIdThAt?, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. dodgey relatives get cash payout for asshole cousin shot doing illegal stuff in the balkans!

    what sh1te is this!

    "But soldiers are human. In this case the fall from the Army's usual high standards led to tragic consequences for the victims and their families.

    "The Queen's uniform is not a licence to commit wrongdoing, and it has never been suggested that it should be."

    but who claims against the assholes who injure and kill british servicemen?,,30000-13050982,00.html
  2. Mr Justice Elias is a disgrace.
    The prosecution barristers are a disgrace.
    The whole thing is a disgrace.
  3. Does anyone know what actually happend?
  4. C4 news tonight referred to them as 'KLA soldiers'.

    Also mentioned their application to stay in the UK (?!)
  5. MM, I agree with you 100%!! :D

    What the h*ll is going on? It seems that the 'KLA soldiers' applied some time ago for temporary residency. Doh!!
  6. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    So to recap:

    They were firing shots into the air in a crowded area.

    They refused to stop at a VCP when told to by British soldiers.

    They got shot.

    It's the fault of the MOD.

    Presumably the judge (a strange title given such dubious judgement) will now issue a new, crystal clear set of ROE telling every soldier when they can and when they can not fire at people purposely not stopping at VCPs, firing into the air in crowded areas. :evil:
  7. This situation is utterly dreadful. I actually had soldiers asking me what the h*ll 'the score is' today.

    When events like these allow our soldiers (and let's face it, the chain of command as well :D ) to lose focus, we are on a very sticky wicket indeed.
  8. There can be two outcomes from this:

    1) Soldiers being less focused and more hesitant when under threat, which needles to say will be at the cost British armed service personnel.

    2) Less casualties and more deaths at the hands of the British army, in one example vehicles failing to stop now have a phosphorus lob in them (after it is immobilized! no john virgo trick shots), to subdue and render the target(s)...... dead.

    Of course neither will happen, but in the current climate such a ruling is dangerous, and could lead to lose of life both sides of the spectrum.
  9. as a further update it has been told to me that 'military witnesses' believed that an undue amount of force was employed, to whit almost 30 rounds were used.

    but in a built up area, with civviys and the rest of your patrol around I truly believe that it's better to be 'safe than sorry'.
    no hollywood rounds through the shoulder or shooting the gun out of his hand will do!
  10. This is simply unbelievable. What are we going to have next? Being told we are only allowed to fire if we are killed? This 'Judge' probably has know idea what the situation is like in the forces and can sit on moral judgement of those of us that have signed up to protect our country and others. I am due to go to Sandhurst in on the May intake and the more I read on here and in the press the more worried I am that one day I am going to be pulled up on charges, however trumped up, for doing a job I actually believe is vital and honourable!
  11. This will be Mr Justice Elias, aka the fireman's friend, who ruled that four trumptonites who had been sacked for insubordination and harassment should be reinstated and paid £250,000 for their trouble.

    The firemen had been supported in their 'struggle' by his lardship John Prescott, the Deputy Dear Leader.

    Clearly the learned Judge likes a good lefty sob story.

    And I thought judges were meant to be impartial and apolitical - less Lord Hutton, Lord Saville et al.....
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Is it just me or is always the Para's that's blowing people away in cars???

    Of course the Paras had to make a quick decision and in so doing chose the wrong one, but then they do that a lot don't they..... There could be some argument that they get put in places where these decisions are called upon more often but I've never met a Para who was shy at the thought of blowing away some guy for some thing. A credit to their training of course.

    Beware the characters that defend this action in a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo but slag the Americans off in Iraq - you might be guilty of double standards....
  13. If it's the same incident, it occurred just as we deployed there in 2001.
    There's always a lot of 'celebratory' gunfire in the Balkans as we know, but it seems that the Paras may have taken this for an overt act of violence towards the Serbs living in the block of flats outside of which the incident occurred.
    In any case, they ignored the warnings to drop their weapons and were 'dropped' themselves.
    Fair cop, I thought, considering...
    just got back from there last week and it's still a sh*thole and the women still wear tight, aarse-hugging jeans and have plywood teeth.
  14. Yesterday while sat waiting in mates house, myself and another friend (RSM) were chatting. Mates teenage son came over and asked about the army etc said he wanted to be a soldier like his dad RSM: "dont join the army lad, i wouldnt wish the army on anyone. The army isnt what it use to be, join the RAF if you want to join a force. You ask your dad and he'll say the same; your a good kid dont do what we do".

    Ive never seen him (RSM) that serious when not in uniform, a very sad day i think - one of the finest men ive ever had the pleasure of working with, who has served queen and country (and politicians) for nearly 2 decades and he says: "i wouldnt wish the army on anyone".