You cant deport 3,000 criminals, EU tells Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, May 28, 2007.

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  1. HERE
    Yes I know its the Mail but it does seem a nonsense, especially in the light of Mr Pun VC being disallowed entry :mad:
  2. If thats the case, put them on a live firing range as moving tgts. Line up a Bn of troops with a GPMG and a 1000 rds each and go for it. Any that escape can go free. That'll do eh. Well, we wont be deporting them.

    BT. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Seconded, its our feckin country we should be able to do what we like within our own borders, not what some barbaric and uncivilised foreigner wants us to do!
  5. Can you make it 2000 rounds each if there being allowed to head off to Dover as the numbers will increase from the ones coming through the Euro Tunnel towards us. :twisted:
  6. Sorry but if they have been released from prison then they have "paid their debt to society" and should be free to do what every other member of that society are allowed to do.

    If they mean this seriously then anyone convicted of a crime that rates imprisonment AND deportation then they should be deported and jailed in their country of origin, inside the EU this should not be a problem.

    Otherwise you are saying that the prison system doesn't work. In that case why jail anyone at all?
  7. Hang on!!!

    Who the hell do these faceless twerps think they are? This is Great Britain, a soverign nation! We should decide who can, and who cannot stay in this country!

    For goodness sake, Why must we bow down before every crack-pot idea that the EU bunch of chinless wonders passes down to us?
  8. At last a worthwhile role for the TA, not just for stagging on at Shaibah, the TA should be formed into a reseve Corps of Homeland Defence, at least they'll do a better job than immigration at Dover!
  9. Translation: Government blames someone else for things going wrong with national policy.

    Quel suprise.
  10. Well change the fcuking rules then.

    Do we not have a government that looks after the British people and their views (I think I know the answer to that).
  11. just place a few GPMG's at the end of the chunnel or send me down there with a cricket bat!
  12. Wasn't there something in the news this month about the lack of foreign labour to pick fruit? Someone in the Government is obviously desperate to get their strawberries in time for Wimbledon!
  13. Aha ... so you were the Wolf of Kabul's sidekick all those years ago - but what happened to "clicky ba" slayer of hundreds (maybe more) - did it break? ;-)

    ...this situation is patently ludicrous - it seems to suggest that EU countries can deport their criminals, illegal immigrants et al to the UK, and our choice is like it or lump it.
  14. Come back Maggy , your country needs you