You can't beat innovation

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. Now, a few towelhead dictators have been taken down in the last few years, and, truth be said, each one has been sorted in a personal, special, kind of way:

    Saddam - a rope
    Bin Laden : a bullet or several
    Gadaffi: a kicking and a tap

    Now,what would your best sendoff for the remaining trash be ? Personally Gordon, Tony and 2 Jags John would look nice swinging in the sea-breeze hung from a withered tree on a Welsh clifftop......

    Sorry, I can't spell that Iranian man's name, or that Jamie Oliver in Korea, but to Heck with Geneva, what would you do ?
  2. Ahmenadinajad - Execution by Firing squad whilst wearing a Dinner Jacket. (it's how I remember the cnuts name ok?!)
  3. That Iranian bloke your thinking of is ....... AH MI DINNER JACKET he would look good being splattered under the tracks of T55
    As for Jamie Oliver whether Korean or that wanker from Dahn Sarf any death would be acceptable
  4. Jamie's done ok for a chef with downs alright!!!


    Jamie at work in his trials kitchen
  5. The standard Iranian punishment seems to be being hung from a crane.

    Perhaps we could tee up some product endorsements for Kato and Palfinger...
  6. Strap Ah'mADinnerJacket to chair, naked, cover his meat and veg with weapons grade plutonium and have his slow, cancer riddled, death broadcast on a dedicated satellite channel.

    He'd be just the start.
  7. I always found that quaint English tradition of the Gibbet to be far more fetching:

  8. Nah mate, that looks almost comfortable.
  9. The Korean geezer you thinking of is KIM JONG-IL He should be lowered slowly into a woodchipper.
    Then again he will just be replaced by his son KIM JONG GOT BETTER
  10. Kim jong il
    kim jong ronery
  11. Burn them at the stake while their henchmen watch and then bury the henchmen alive while handcuffed to his corpse with just enough space and light for them to see what's happening. Or just bury the lot alive with a bit of space and light, plus chuck in a few snakes as an added extra plus build in a camera to catch the event for the internet...
    Then when it's all over open a hatch and pour in concrete to seal them in and build a bridge or something on top.

    Or maybe drop them in the sea with a few sharks around and add a bit of bait... Again use a camera to record the fun for the web...