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You can torture a child to death, but dont dare smack one!

Justice in this country is totally upside-down. How can you torture a child to death and get away with it, but when you smack one, on the leg, for walking home in the dark, then you end up in jail for the night.

Cuk coo!!!!


A father is demanding police say sorry for jailing him overnight after he smacked his son on the leg.

Mark Frearson said he told off his seven-year-old son Harry for walking off alone after dark while they were out shopping.

But three hours later, four police officers and a specialist child support officer arrived at his house to take Harry away.

They arrested Mr Frearson on suspicion of assault, and locked him in a cell.

Officers told him they could not carry out an interview because the witness "was not in a condition to give a statement".

He had to spend the night in jail and was released the next day after the witness was interviewed and withdrew their accusation.

The 47-year-old director of a parcel company has made a formal complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

He said the police reaction was "massively over-the-top" and the experience was traumatic for his son.

Mr Frearson, from Plymouth, said: "I appreciate the police's concern but even if they felt they had to take Harry away, I don't understand why they felt it necessary to arrest me and lock me up before interviewing me or the witness.

"I want an apology, I wasn't given any after being released without charge, and I am still angry and bewildered at the events of that night."

Mr Frearson said he had told Harry to stay with him because it was dark. But the boy left the shop, and after a 10 minute search he was found in a nearby park.

He smacked him once on the back of his leg, and the two returned home.

Mr Frearson said later: "There were about 20 people around at the time I told Harry off and CCTV, but they still locked me up."

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police has said they cannot comment after a formal complaint is made.
BaggyInBlack said:
Officers told him they could not carry out an interview because the witness "was not in a condition to give a statement".
The witness was probably too shocked after witnessing a child actually being corrected by his father.
Can anyone tell me why it needed FOUR coppers and a health worker to take in this evidently dangerous person?
Also who spotted him in action and who reported him?
A whack on the leg because a father was worried about his son and wants to protect him, not have him hanging around parks at night (You never know where MDN is lurking), is not exactly child-abuse is it?

What about common sense?
So not actually getting away with it, then.

You wouldn't say bank robbers who got nicked right after emptying the vault got away with it, would you?

This sort of police over-reaction is not down to PC gone mad (that beloved bugbear of bigots everywhere), but because of the mob howling that anyone who looks at a child funny should be shot "cos of that kid wot got killed."
Sounds like a knee jerk reaction to me. I think everyone is a bit jumpy over incidents involving children at the moment.

People just need to calm down and do their job properly using common sense. Sadly the type of person who becomes a Boss in a Domestic Violence/Vulnerable Persons unit usually lacks common sense.

Excellent. It seems that the powers that be cannot distinguish between a psychopath with a history of torturing animals and aggressive behaviour and a conscientious father trying to ensure that his son doesn't become the next Sun front page.

As mentioned above, just a knee jerk reaction to an horrific incident.
Just for a moment, try and imagine the alternative media reports.

"Witness tells the ********** (fill in name of favourite guardian of truth and justice here) that he saw a man beat a small child but the police told him to p!ss-off and mind his own business."

"The shocked man told us that he saw an adult male slapping a child of seven in a public park."

"When I reported this to the police, they said that it was probably just a parent dealing with a naughty child."

Mr. X told the ******** that he was angry that the police took no action, especially after the recent events regarding 'Baby P.'

A police spokesperson said that they judged that it wasn't a police matter and if they had dealt with it in the manner that the law requires, they'd only get a kicking in the Press anyway. :roll:

The Right Honourable Bandwagon-Jumper (local MP) said that he was writing to the Chief Constable and probably wouldn't be playing golf with him next weekend.
Cpl-Clot, see what you are saying but the re was no need to lock the poor bstard up for the night.

I smacked my son asbout 5 years ago and the next thing I had two coppers at the door. Apparently he had told a mate of his that I beat, mate went on to tell his parents and that was that.

I told coppers "yes I did smack him. If he misbehaves again he will get another smack and that if they wanted to bring in a doctor to examine him at any time the were welcome".

They just said fair eneough and left me alone.
scruff_1 said:
Cpl-Clot, see what you are saying but the re was no need to lock the poor bstard up for the night.
You may well be right.

However, knowing that PACE 1984, is designed to prevent anyone being held in custody longer than absolutely necessary, either it was justifiable or the IPCC will report that a breach occurred.

If the IPCC find that an abuse occurred, then let's all demand an apology.

If the IPCC find no breach of PACE, I wonder if the father will pursue his request for an apology from the person who made the complaint in the first place?

Either way, it may be better to await the outcome of the IPCC inquiry.
And what are the chances of getting the name of someone wot grassed you to the rozzers, so that you can sue them? Yooman rites will protect the "witness".
Years ago sent out to a dirty shith0le of a place and kept thinking how I would be bricking it if we got caught and was tortured or worse.
I can only imagine the fear in that little childs heart and I truly believe that we as good people can and should justify death penalties for such evil crimes, as they are no better than the scum who torture behead people in iraq.
As for the dad who slapped his son? he should be given free tickets to euro disney or something as compensation.
Bravo_Bravo said:
whatever happened to "reasonable chastisement"?
The labour government happened to it.

In all seriousness "Don't leave any bruises" or lasting injury/damage and you're okay. Hence slapping the back of the hand etc. Leave "reddening" of the skin and you're liable to be bummed by the legal system.

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