You can judge a book by its cover!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Random_Task, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. The perfect example of implementing a selective breeding program (less beer for chavs) or should Darwin be relied upon?
  2. Let nature take her course :D

    (to quote Edward Fox from 'Force 10 From Navarone)
  3. I've always said cousins shouldn't marry. Bet she has six fingers on each tit ;)
  4. Pff, where does this kid get off? His mum hooks him up with class A drugs and what does he do, get her sent to prison.
    Whereas the rest of us are stuck wearing terribly unfunny "I asked my mum for smack, but all I got was this crappy T-Shirt" T-shirts.
  5. Surely as a committed smack head she should have been saving all the scag for herself and getting her son to mug old ladies for more cash. Giving class A drugs to a nine year old is a waste, he's has the rest of his life to get ripped off his tits and is at just the right age to get away with petty theft. I hope she now realises the error of her ways.

    As an aside she may be a bit rough, but imagine what she would do in return for more smack, she may even have been fit before the big H started to ravage her face.

    Crack whores - Get 'em while they're young.
  6. Fair play to him,hopefully he's seen the light, but I doubt it!
  7. Probably her Dad's.
  8. Is that Pete Doherty's sister? Resemblence is astounding!
  9. This is a prime example that some people should not be aloud to breed.
  10. Who said forced sterlisation was wrong :(