You bunch of dull cnuts!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Right then!

    We've tried being nice, we've tried appealing to your better nature, we've tried gently mocking those who continue to be dull but there has to be a line drawn in the sand.

    The NAAFI bar is the standard bearer of the British Army and all those who have served, its not a place for bed wetting soapdodging cadet fcuking ponces who want to talk about tonka toys and Molyneaux pastry makers.

    I'm not sure whether anyone is watching my back but consider this an act of ultra violence and picture me windmill into the middle of you bunch of dull cunts in an effort to knack as many as possible. I'm sure some will leap to my side, if I lose the at least I have tried and if I end up with a cyberbloodynose then I can walk away from the NAAFI having given it my all.

    If I succeed in tw@tting the lot of you snivelling fcuktards I will then smash up the venders and throw the carcasses over you, in the knowledge that when its rebuilt we can have a fresh start.

    Now p1ss off back to the bus stop, we've laid on some big white elephants back to dullsville
  2. I said something along the lines of "Tell us how to sort it out and we'll stop c0cking the NAAFI up".

    You gave a nice reply, saying that the NAAFI is for the people that are there are the time:

    Personally I'm glad that it's only taken 2 weeks for you to reverse that comment and rape its stamp-collecting Uncle after stealing his Penny Black and flogging it to that buck-toothed demi-god from Bargain Hunt.
  3. I am naked, smeared brown in my own effluent and packing a brimming sanitary bin full of well ripened jam rags, and ready to empty the lot into any ensuing melee...

    i have for protection, a bikini made of 2 scotch pies (impenetrable to any known missile) and am ready to set about the hordes of dullness...

    I havent seen a squalid wince inducing story in here for weeks, instead we are treated to "units of measure... death by wifes friends cousin might be on some crappy game show".....

    the fire exit is over there dull cnuts.... use it before the can fight starts
  4. Yeah...
  5. RTFQ


    If any of you fat stay at home housewife DANKYs (Disability Allowance No Kids Yet) looking for haven't found it yet in the form of pms from Prescott lookalikes dressed in re-enactment battledress, feel free to drop me a line with your address on, 'ive got something for you.
  6. So have I you dull, dull, dull fcuking retards.

    It's a pick helve with a Sultan track pin hammered through the middle of it.
  7. I've limbered up and the gloves are off!!!!! Que my entrance music....

    In the jungle the mighty jungle.....

    I'm going to stand behind MDN and heckle the lot of you, once he's dropped you i'll follow up with chinese burns, before nicking the tips jar and legging out the fire exit.

    Wimoway wimoawy wimoway...
  8. You could start by dousing yourself in turps and sparking up, dont worry, I'll beat out the flames...........eventually............with a shovel!
  9. I am a dull fecker if ever there was one and frankly you bunch of lady boys can play me a tune on the Big(ish) pink oboe.

    I'm not that steady on my feet but am expecting I'm not the only one - but will still be pishing on your collective slim backs once the shouting stops and the Monkeys are trying to get the snooker cue out of the door handles.

    well come on then.

    Feck it I'll fight you all, but i love you like fecking brothers, I do, but look at me like that again I'll fecking do you with a track pin.

  10. Where are the dull p1ss stains, they post on everythign esle but they ignore the one where there crapness is directly challenged.

    I'm amazed crabby the no shouldered boywhore hasn't piped up with a story about dorment volcano's or Inca villages......... the wet pebble
  11. RTFQ


    Piece of p1ss, I'll just distract your feeble, senile mind by making a dog silhoutte with my left hand, as you coo and shuffle dribbling "doggywog" around in a simpleton's dance of joy and incontinence, I'll you across the mouth with a gantry.
  12. its Friday they are probably in each others rooms playing with the playstation or each others bottoms, as they all seem to know each other and talking about knitting and who's turn to push etc
  13. Well, I've just been told good and proper. Although I must say that I could have sworn that was a line from Pride and Prejudice, uttered by Mr Darcy when someone told him that his side-burns were 'offending the clergy', try writing your own material next time Sandmanfez.

    I'm pleased with what appears to be a dullard head-cracking the like of which has not been seen since the hippies got too up themselves and Steven Segal was brought in by the government to take the sandel wearing bastids out one by one.

    However, I know my place and I think I'll be removing myself from the NAAFI to avoid further dullardry on my part.
  14. RTFQ you can make a glove puppet out yon birds knickers whilst playing a tune on your phart trombone and the only thing I'll see is your wang eye and small patch of dribble on your leotard you great micing ponce.

    I've seen more menace in a Buddhist temple just after a big lunch on warm day.

    I shit ya 'n all that