You Brits suck! Americans and their history knowledge :)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BoomShackerLacker, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Petition to revoke the independence of the United States of America

    This is puerile and pointless but as it's Arrse:

    Brandon Blacky Chan Brooks scrawled
    within th' hourglass turn of 9:02 in the evenin'
    USA beat britain, we won the war and the US is still stronger than the UK is so you guys can't do anything except talk about this on facebook. By the way England was founded by William the Conquerer who was a french noble who defeated the barbarian leader Alfred the Great so France could actually take away the UK's independence because the french king owned all the land his nobles had which would include England. Sucks for you guys.
  2. Doesn't this go back to the controversy over the US elections in 2000? As in a joke piece on revoking their independance was published in the Evening Standard around then? the kid there is a fcukwit, but then go ask your average 16-18 year old british kid about history and you'll get a similar statement, if they even knew the names ofAlfred the great or William the Conqueror, let alone their significance, I'd be surprised...
  3. Okay let me start with the minor points, Willian the Bastard was a Viking son of a Viking, not French the term Norman comes from Men of the North or Norse Men, Normandy was also not part of France at the time. Seem to remember that it was Harold as Alfred was a few years before busily burning cakes. Also Barbarian was a term used by Rome for non-Romans. but at least we have our own history going back more than a few weeks
  4. You're wasting your time trying to correct 'em mate, the kids probably married to his cousin, doesn't believe in evolution and has to take off his shoes to count above 10 (but still only gets to 18 due to inbred webbed feet)!

    Barbarian actually comes from the greeks, as in the word barbaroi, as in 'ba-ba' like a sheep, as the greeks thought the barbarians languages sounded like a sheep bleating. So all barbarian originally meant was 'one who does not speak greek'!
  5. Isn't it ironic that 'Blacky Chan' sounds diverse enough to 'British' and is named after an English town?
  6. I knew it came from the Greeks however it was the Romans who used it as a term for all non-Romans even if the so called barbarians were as advanced and far less ruthless than them. was going to add a bit like...... but decided not to, pity cannot get onto his FB for a bit of intelligent banter, he says with tongue in cheek
  7. The Septics and history, what a joke, they have no fecking idea, We had one in the Pub the other day said he was an archaeologist and had come to Wales to find a Roman Fort, I told him he should have done some research before coming and that the large building on the other side of the street was in fact a re-built Roman fort he did not have far to go. Cardiff Castle is built on a Roman Fort
  8. You know, sometimes I think I'm really missing out by abstaining from meth and crack.
  9. stoopid yanks.

    When the hell did the US win a war?
  10. According to the last one I met all of the wars ever won was down to them
  11. They definitely won the American Civil War, give them that ;-)! Hey didn't you think Patton's double envelopment of the evil english-accented nazi-romans at Cannae 216BC was a masterpiece ;-)?
  12. Well they were up against themselves so I suppose that is a gimme for them
  13. Ah yes of course, silly me. Just like they invented velcro, the computer, the world wide web and...well everything.
  14. Casey Johnson (Simpson):
    Listen up you English queers, America has kicked/saved your ass so many times that its sad. England itself has become little more than a liberal cess-pool, filled to the brim with ifeminant queers.

    Particularly liked this one :D
  15. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    At least they turned up on time for that one.